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Blood test meanings

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REF88 Thu 29-Oct-20 18:59:09

Does any one nonwhat they are testing for when the test required is
Thank you

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Didntgetmydiamondring Thu 29-Oct-20 21:33:41

Is that what it says on your blood form? Is it a hospital request or GP request?
I can’t see it on the directory. However...

“ Since some tests and conditions are known by multiple names, try searching on those other names as well (e.g., full blood count is also known as FBC; cardiovascular disease is also called CVD).
If you are searching for a proprietary test or drug, you may not find it by the trade name on Lab Tests Online. Try entering the generic name instead (e.g., warfarin instead of Coumadin).
If you are searching a phrase, put quotes around the entire phrase (e.g., "acid-base balance”).
Check your spelling.”

REF88 Thu 29-Oct-20 22:21:03

Yeh a gp request
The blood form basically says test required
Nothing much else it says 😩

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LethargicLumpOfLockdownLard Thu 29-Oct-20 22:28:11

Is it handwritten or typed? There's and IgG4 test and a few others that are similar, wondering if it's maybe been written wrong!
We get handwritten ones sometimes and often even our GPs struggle to tell me what they're meant to be.

Leetepp Thu 29-Oct-20 22:34:37

Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)? To do with thrombosis and blood clotting. The NHS have a blood test encyclopedia you could try.

GnarlyOldGoatDude Thu 29-Oct-20 22:45:26

@REF88 could it be AtTGA instead of 4? That’s a blood test to look for coeliac disease. Would fit with the other bloods which are all to look for nutritional/ vitamin deficiencies.

REF88 Thu 29-Oct-20 23:37:10

Thank you 😊
Could possibly be a mistake not handwritten tho thanks for all your help

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