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Any counsellors on here? I’m wondering about a change of career

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SheilaTheThief Thu 29-Oct-20 16:34:42

So just wondering what route you took?
Are Jobs easy to find? I’m around London area and looking online I see a few well-being practitioner jobs going.
Assuming it takes years to build up experience to take on private work?
Any advice ? Do it/ don’t do it?
I am in a healthcare job at moment so not complete difference in job but will need to take time out to study if I go ahead.

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ScrapThatThen Thu 29-Oct-20 17:15:27

No, lots of people set themselves up after minimal training or experience as private counsellors. And then often struggle to maintain a business. I'd suggest taking an appropriate training course which will include supervision and look at the BACP accreditation requirements and try to meet these. There are also tons of wellbeing practitioner roles. I'm not sure they offer satisfying career routes really - just cheaper for services than employing qualified psychologists or CBT therapists. But in the right team might be fine.

Jellycatspyjamas Thu 29-Oct-20 17:21:48

I’d echo picking your training wisely, go fir something BACP or UKCP accredited. I don’t know what the jobs market is like in London but where I am counselling/therapists jobs aren’t greatly paid given the training you need to do them well.

Private practice is relatively easy to get into if you have related experience - I’m a social worker and ran a helpline service and found private practice relatively easy to set up after training. Training can be expensive because you need a clinical supervisor for your placement (and ongoing practice) and whether your course requires it or not, being in personal therapy is in my view essential for anyone in training.

It’s a nice way of working, I absolutely love what I do, but to do it well takes a lot of self development as well as formal training.

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