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Keeping safe in Greenwich area

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CleverCatty Thu 29-Oct-20 11:21:26

DB, SIL and DNephew (2) have to come to London for a week next week and are staying in a Travelodge in Greenwich.

They will see me and DM who live nearby but separately in SE London and will help by supplying them with meals.

To risk contamination we think they should avoid using hotel dining room etc wherever possible, this is fine with kettle, fridge etc and they can bring coffee/tea/longlife milk from home.

Any other ideas on what they can do to stay safe and how to eat without going out unless necessary? From recollection there is a Waitrose in Greenwich and M&S Simply Food but both these venues could pose risk.

SIL has to go to hospital appointment and also work (Dagenham, don't ask very niche!) which is why they're here but DB is at risk at he has asthma which can be severe.

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