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My son is leaving *lighthearted*

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yafilthyanimalandahappynewyear Thu 29-Oct-20 10:11:31

He doesn't need a mummy anymore apparently. There's just no room in his five year old heart. He's packing his Trunki as we speak, he's picked up the Domino's leaflet and is going to live off pizza (all his own words).
Because I didn't let him have a Magnum ice-cream at 6 o'clock this morning. He's holding this grudge and is showing no signs of letting it go.
He's so serious grin

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Katinski Thu 29-Oct-20 10:26:50


mommybear1 Thu 29-Oct-20 10:50:36

I feel for you OP my 3yr old said the same to me yesterday when an ice lolly was not allowed - it's time for me to go to Grando's he announced he always has ice lollies just for me you can't come Mommy 💔 accompanied by a very fierce singer waggle 😂.

Deathraystare Thu 29-Oct-20 16:01:56

When I was about 8 I decided to run away, with mum's shopping trolley full of tinned food.. She reminded me I needed a can opener and she wondered aloud how to tell dad when he got home. I quickly unpacked everything and hoped she did not tell him!!!

steppemum Thu 29-Oct-20 16:10:17

I ran away aged about 8.
All because my brother finished the cocoa pops.

Packed a bag (which had pjs and my Barbie horse in) cycled off. My mum 'happened' to say as I left
If I was running away, I'd go to Liz's house.

I came back 5 minutes later for my Post Office savings book. Left again.
Went to Liz's house and was surprised to see her weeding her front garden.
That's nice dear, Susie is upstairs, why don't you go and play.

After half an hour we fell out over who got to play with my Barbie horse. But I couldn't go home as I had Run Away.

Didn't occur to me until I was an adult that my mum had phoned Liz and said if she doesn't show up in 10 minutes let me know grin

OutingMyself Thu 29-Oct-20 16:12:38

One time when my DD was going to run away from home years ago, I forget why now, she told me she was going to live at Chessington (world of adventures) grin

yafilthyanimalandahappynewyear Thu 29-Oct-20 16:40:08

Ahh love these stories, so innocent!
Well he didn't run away in the end (shocker) as his big sister reminded him that he wouldn't be able to have an ice cream after tea - they were only mini Magnums - if he ran away.
So he compromised and ran off to 'live in my bedroom' instead. I must admit to enjoying the peace and quiet for about ten minutes before he yelled down that I could live with him in his room if I wanted to 😁!

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Aquamarine1029 Thu 29-Oct-20 16:44:55

My mum told me I ran away when I was 5, no particular reason, just announced I was going. I packed 5 pairs of knickers, an apple, and a horse figurine in my rucksack. I made it to the end of the drive and then decided to come home. grin

pumpkinpie01 Thu 29-Oct-20 18:01:26

My ds7 walked out last week as I switched you tube off. I watched him climb the tree at the front so left him to it. My Dd18 glanced out of her window filmed him and put it on Snapchat with him shouting ' I've left home you know '

Fuss Thu 29-Oct-20 19:42:38

My Mother, who was very much no nonsense, decided if I was leaving home I was, as she put it "Going out as I came in" and chucked me out in the porch wearing nothing but my new shoes my nan had bought me. I changed my mind rather rapidly.

Harsh, but this was the 70s 😂

Deathraystare Fri 30-Oct-20 07:34:25

I often used to fantasise about going to live in a boarding school! Somehow I would leave home unchallenged, again go to the school unchallenged and apparently my parents would be happy to send the all important tuck box to me!!!

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