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What's your favourite biscuit?

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AnaViaSalamanca Wed 28-Oct-20 19:09:42

Looking to try something new as my favs are out of stock sad

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MadisonAvenue Wed 28-Oct-20 19:11:12

Biscoff without a doubt.

SpeckledyHen Wed 28-Oct-20 19:11:14


schmalex Wed 28-Oct-20 19:11:43

Custard Creams without a doubt.

badlydrawnbear Wed 28-Oct-20 19:12:01

Controversial question: do jaffa cakes count?

If not, chocolate hobnobs.

Ewanispurple Wed 28-Oct-20 19:13:36

Custard creams everytime!

xanthippe8 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:14:09

Amaretti, which ones are your faves, OP?

motleymop Wed 28-Oct-20 19:14:48

I'm not sure it's my fave, but have you tried the new Bahlsen Choco Moments with the hazelnut? Dangerous stuff. The mint ones are good too, with a cup of coffee - if you're into that kind of thing.

beardotdo Wed 28-Oct-20 19:15:10

Golden Oreos are pretty high on my list. I’m limited to dairy free, if I wasn’t I’d say milk chocolate hobnob.

SingleHandSue Wed 28-Oct-20 19:27:47

Iceland used to do the most amazing chocolate orange shortbread rounds at Christmas - hopefully they still do! They are my favourite biscuit.

InTheLongGrass Wed 28-Oct-20 19:28:21

Bahlsen Dark Choco Leibniz

Roselilly36 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:29:22

Wagon wheels

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Wed 28-Oct-20 19:30:36

Apart from rich tea or morning coffee I have yet to meet a biscuit I do not like.

Abernethy biscuits are a current favourite for a plain biscuit....they are like the best of a digestive and a shortbread.

DelphineWalsh Wed 28-Oct-20 19:32:47

Foxes jaffa shortcakes. Fuckers discontinued them angry

TheOrchidKiller Wed 28-Oct-20 19:32:53

I'm a bit boring so I do quite like a decent digestive or rich tea.

My absolute favourite are Abernethy (probably spelt wrong) but I haven't seen them in the shops for years. Bit of a cross between rich tea & shortcake.

If you like Biscoff have you tried the new Biscoff creams? I'm undecided- the filling would be better if it was Biscoff flavoured & not like the middle of an Oreo.

ImaSababa Wed 28-Oct-20 19:33:20

Toffee pops.

EugenesAxe Wed 28-Oct-20 19:33:48

I like shortbread and plain chocolate covered ginger biscuits. Jammy Dodgers are very high up as are plain chocolate digestives.

All biscuits pretty much 😆

Baileyscoffeeandcampfires Wed 28-Oct-20 19:34:27

Ginger nuts or florentines

Drbrowns Wed 28-Oct-20 19:41:04

Tesco brownie biscuits or spar American style peanut cookies. Also mint viscounts.

HellooJackie Wed 28-Oct-20 19:41:22

HobKnobs. But I buy the aldi equivalent now for 45p and they are exactly the same.
The problem is I will buy double the amount because they're cheaper. grin

rottiemum88 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:49:45

Dark chocolate digestives for me 😍

Mammyloveswine Wed 28-Oct-20 19:51:24

Ooh aldi knock off chocolate hobknobs.. pink wafers... mcvities chocolate caramel digestives...tunnocks caramel wafers...

firstimemamma Wed 28-Oct-20 19:57:03

Chocolate digestive

Grapesoda7 Wed 28-Oct-20 20:01:03

Milk chocolate hobnobs are my favourite, I also like fig rolls, Fox's ginger crunch creams and very rare to find but lovely, Borders butterscotch crunch (I found them for a pound in Morrisons the other day!)

Sheknowsaboutme Wed 28-Oct-20 20:02:22

Favourite biscuit? Just one?

Seriously 😂

Jaffa cakes
Chocolate custard creams

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