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Moving to devon, views on Newton Abbott

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Rach5610 Wed 28-Oct-20 18:32:00

I am thinking of moving to devon to be closer to the coast and country and have a better outdoor lifestyle and would appreciate advice from anyone with local knowledge on potential areas to live.

We currently live in a market town in the Midlands and have three children 5,6 and 10 so secondary schools in particular will be important. Will also need to commute to exeter and would like to be close to facilities for the kids such as sports centres, shopping, clubs etc.

We came down last week to have a look around and thought that newton abbott, although not the prettiest, seemed fairly central and have everything you would need for day to day life.

I've noticed on these forums however that it doesn't seem to attract very good reviews and wonder what it is that people don't seem to like? Also if anyone has any other ideas of places to look at?

Thanks in advance.

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Jamandcream100 Wed 28-Oct-20 18:44:04

I live near Newton Abbot (I lived in it though when my children were young) and honestly I think it’s absolutely fine. You’re right in that it’s not the prettiest place but it’s really central and close to places that are pretty. There’s all the shops you need and I always think it’s a perfectly safe place. I never felt worried when my children went out in Newton Abbot. My daughter went to one of the two main state secondary schools in Newton Abbot and did really well and enjoyed it and she is now a doctor. She was always encouraged at school and was allowed to develop as a young person. I never understand people’s attitude to Newton Abbot on here, I really don’t think it’s bad. I hope the move all goes well for you.

Magic0Magic Wed 28-Oct-20 19:38:57

I'm nearby in Exeter - its just snobbery about Newton, its fine and good access to countryside at Parke, Stover, Bradley woods etc. Got friends that live there and they like it very much.

I'd also recommend looking at Teignmouth - got a good mix of stuff going on, train station, beaches, good secondary school. Good luck with the move!

Rach5610 Wed 28-Oct-20 21:35:38

Thanks for your time. We also liked Teingmouth. Its good to get some insight from people actually living in the area.

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