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Meralgia parasthetica - any advice?

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Shirtyllama Tue 10-Nov-20 11:28:41

I've now got pain on the ball of my foot on same leg, which I think was starting when my thigh was painful. Having googled, it sounds like metatarsalgia, pain from the metatarsals in my foot. Maybe because I was walking in a strange way when my thigh hurt? Rest and special insoles seem to be recommended. I can't face bothering GP again unless it gets really bad sad

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Papergirl1968 Tue 10-Nov-20 01:36:59

How long did it take to get better, Notjustanymum?

Notjustanymum Mon 09-Nov-20 23:03:55

I have this, it’s horrible. It has got better as I’ve recently lost weight, so I’m on another mission to lose more. Exercise (walking) seems to help.
Hope you get it sorted soon, OP. 💐

Papergirl1968 Sun 08-Nov-20 18:54:41

That’s great news from both of you that it went away!
I managed a gentle dog walk earlier without any pain. Lockdown is kind of a blessing for me to give myself chance to recover.
According to the internet, rest is recommended but that’s not conducive to losing weight!

mrssalvatore14 Sun 08-Nov-20 17:36:29

I had this when I got pregnant the first time round. It eventually went away and then came back for my second pregnancy and again went away on its own. Painful and irritating but not treatable unfortunately x

Shirtyllama Sun 08-Nov-20 17:34:39

Hi papergirl! Ouch. The good news here is that it went after about 5 days. The GP gave me a 3 day co-codamol prescription which helped quite a lot, ibuprofen seemed to make no difference, and then one day I woke up and it was better. I think it might come back on and off though. Exercises are meant to help (I did them, and will try to do Pilates more regularly now), probably we both need to lose weight though, which obviously is easier said than done!

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Papergirl1968 Sun 08-Nov-20 11:58:39

Ps what did your GP say?

Papergirl1968 Sun 08-Nov-20 11:57:49

Hi Shirty, I don’t have any answers, unfortunately, but Dr Google has suggested this is what I have.
I started a new job in a shop last week (now closed for lockdown) and I had a painful burning feeling halfway down my right thigh.
I’ve felt it - to a much lesser extent - a couple of times since when standing cooking a meal etc but not while sitting.
I am very overweight and I guess that’s the cause. I found some exercises online and I’m going to try doing those.

Shirtyllama Wed 28-Oct-20 14:50:01

I think I've got this - intense pain around top and side of my right thigh for 2 days now, which is worsening and making sitting and lying down (and sleep) very difficult. I mentioned it to a GP friend yesterday who said sounds like meralgia parasthetica, a nerve which has got pinched at the top crease of the thigh (it does feel very sore there), and sends a pain or tingling/numbness message although there is nothing bad happening to cause pain.

I've had sciatica in that leg in the past, which went away with pilates and improved posture, although it occasionally twinges, and I had an MRI a couple of years ago when I was having the sciatica, which showed a bit of wear and tear apparently typical for mid-40s mother.

If you've had this, what happened? Did it go away on its own? What did GP say? I've got a phone appointment on Friday but if it gets worse I might call 111 and try A&E for advice because it's so painful and distracting

It's just in one leg, I know about cauda equina and it doesn't sound like that. I'm overweight, and recently lost a stone but have put some of it back on, and I see one of the causes can be weight gain. I'll try to keep losing weight but that's not a short term solution. Any advice? I feel miserable sad

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