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Flowers for a breavement?

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Ladywinesalot Wed 28-Oct-20 02:31:46

My friends Dad has just died, is it appropriate to send flowers and card?
What flowers are best?

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GlamGiraffe Wed 28-Oct-20 02:37:40

I sent some yesterday for the exact reason. I sent a white themed bunch (mot lillies) to the family home for them to have. I think its nice to have something to remind you of life around the house amongst all the death.

Redglitter Wed 28-Oct-20 02:41:07

Any flowers are lovely to receive after a bereavement. We got a real mixture when my Dad died. Any I've sent I've just told the florist they're for a bereavement and left it to them. If youre ordering online there's usually a 'With Sympathy' section

I would say though if you're sending flowers send ones that come in a vase or something. We ran out of vases and tbh just couldn't be bothered with trying to arrange them. Ones in a vase or water bag are much easier to deal with

SionnachRua Wed 28-Oct-20 02:43:12

It's lovely to send flowers. I'd just give the florist a theme - maybe a colour, a style, suggest any flowers they particularly like - and let them at it. They'll have done arrangements for this kind of thing before.

UncomfortableSilence Wed 28-Oct-20 06:41:25

I've just lost my DF, my friends sent me the most beautiful bunch of flowers, I was very grateful, my DMs dining table looks like a florist she has so many, its lovely that people are thinking of us.

Ladywinesalot Wed 28-Oct-20 09:31:12

Thank you, that’s lovely

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Crunchymum Wed 28-Oct-20 10:22:53

I received a few bouquets when my mum died and whilst the thought was appreciated, all the bouquets received were so drab and depressing and just looked like "death flowers"

I must preferred the friend who dropped me in a bunch of sunflowers and a bottle of Rioja.

NachoNachoMan Wed 28-Oct-20 10:28:08

Would you consider sending a plant, instead?

It would last longer than the flowers and it can be a bit overwhelming having lots of bunches of flowers.

Nsns Wed 28-Oct-20 10:33:35

If you know your friend likes flowers I think that would be lovely. As someone said though, don't send something that they will need to arrange, find a vase for, etc. When my mum died some beautiful flowers spent a couple of weeks in a bucket as I just didn't have the energy to sort them out. I actually felt (unreasonably) cross that someone had given me one more thing to do.

VenusClapTrap Wed 28-Oct-20 10:42:09

I really appreciated flowers when I was bereaved. The suggestion to send ones that include a vase is good - I ran out of vases like a pp. Avoid lilies if your friend has a cat; they are highly poisonous to them. I personally also preferred the colourful bouquets to the plain white ‘sympathy’ ones.

wilts2013 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:43:53

I hated having flowers. Received too many and it just a big waste of money.

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