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Are there people who don't store hand me downs for their kids?

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faithfulbird20 Tue 27-Oct-20 21:50:55

Just that really. If so why?

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Disneyinmyveins Tue 27-Oct-20 22:01:45

I don't really keep much, more due to a lack of space and I find clutter very stressful

MonkeyPuddle Tue 27-Oct-20 22:04:01

I didn’t after DS was born as I didnt expect to have any more children. Here I am 40w pregnant and regretting it slightly. But I’ve had some utter bargains from Facebook marketplace.

BarbiesBitch Tue 27-Oct-20 22:08:33

I keep only the very special or in perfect condition things still, i just don’t have the storage to keep much so I have to prioritise and just keep a few items that I absolutely love.

faithfulbird20 Tue 27-Oct-20 22:08:42

I didn't and don't either. Clutter is very stressful for me and I tend to buy less and make my kids wear them out before they become small. I also can't stand worn out, stained or faded clothes.

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Coffeekisses Tue 27-Oct-20 23:57:20

Hmmmm, I do keep things BUT I was reflecting today it hasn’t really helped that much. Most stuff gets “worn”/worn out to the point it’s not really fit for a second round tbh - pyjamas and joggers especially. The things that last one lot of use and come out in decent nick tend to be the things that actually, the first child didn’t wear much. Surprise surprise, the second hasn’t liked wearing them either - so they weren’t all that useful! Certain things like coats and good jumpers do last well the 2nd time around. Ditto wedding outfits and smart clothes that are only ever intended for one off wear or a couple of times a year. However the really useful stuff generally needs replacing anyway!

Triangularbubble Wed 28-Oct-20 00:44:58

Because mine are different sexes apart from anything else and also several years apart. I kept things like baby clothes, wellies, waterproofs and good coats (bought in neutral colours and patterns deliberately) and I kept the pram, baby equipment etc but I don’t want or need to keep primary age sized well worn supermarket joggers or t shirts for several years just to put them on an opposite sex child. I’d rather they had far fewer but new things like that, which also tends to mean the few things they do have get well used and worn out.

BreakfastOfWaffles Wed 28-Oct-20 02:44:43

I used to and it worked very well when mine were younger. Now, though, they are practically the same size despite being three years apart, plus totally different body shapes. The slim fit clothes that the older one wears simply don't sit right on the chunkier younger one.

acerred Wed 28-Oct-20 03:02:31

Because ones a boy and the next is a girl, plus the season never matched so I had 9-12 month old summer clothes but she was 9-12 months in winter

Waxonwaxoff0 Wed 28-Oct-20 05:27:25

No because I knew I was done after one child.

Sodamncold Wed 28-Oct-20 05:53:35

I only keep the really nice stuff
Le petit bateau etc

Everything else.... charity.

1. I can’t bear clutter and hoarding things.
2. Very affluent friends, no issue with money. So I will hand me down the extra nice bits but for anything else... I’ll give to charity as my friends really don’t need hand me downs!

Sodamncold Wed 28-Oct-20 05:54:12

Oh and after my first. I just kept the really nice stuff.

Toomanycats99 Wed 28-Oct-20 05:59:32

I used to however the oldest is now 13 and tbh anything she wears now is definitely not going to to the taste of the younger one other than maybe a few t shirts.

I had a clear out of the stored clothes for just this reason.

JoJoSM2 Wed 28-Oct-20 06:03:10

Why would this cause clutter? I’ve kept DS’s old clothes and they’re neatly organised in boxes by size and live in a wardrobe. I’ve kept almost everything as he’s 2 in size 5yrs and has been growing so quickly that he goes a size up before wearing anything out.

trappedsincesundaymorn Wed 28-Oct-20 06:04:52

Because there wasn't going to be anyone to hand them down to.

Heatherjayne1972 Wed 28-Oct-20 06:07:17

Not any more I used to give it all to people who needed it more- why keep things stored when someone else would be grateful for them
Now I just give their old clothes to charity

ivfbeenbusy Wed 28-Oct-20 06:13:54

I had DDs baby clothes made in to a lovely quilt for her bed. Didn't expect to get pregnant again (suffered infertility and 5 rounds of IVF).
I didn't want to keep things in my loft for a baby that might never come.
I've kept some of the nicer timeless wooden toys etc and will keep those for hopefully any grandchildren that eventually come. But I don't see the point in keeping clothes

Sodamncold Wed 28-Oct-20 06:14:52


Why would this cause clutter? I’ve kept DS’s old clothes and they’re neatly organised in boxes by size and live in a wardrobe. I’ve kept almost everything as he’s 2 in size 5yrs and has been growing so quickly that he goes a size up before wearing anything out.

I don’t want boxes in my wardrobe full of things that aren’t being used on possibly even a yearly basis. Simple as that.

SnuggyBuggy Wed 28-Oct-20 06:20:33

For my two closeish in age DC yes but I've certainly not got a thing worth passing down the generations. Should probably donate my wedding dress at some point.

Juanbablo Wed 28-Oct-20 06:22:40

I don't keep much because of storage space. There's 6 years between my boys with a girl in the middle so I tend to pass things to a relative from my eldest and they then pass things on to me for my youngest. I know people who keep boxes and boxes of it all clearly labelled which is very organised.

JoJoSM2 Wed 28-Oct-20 06:22:41

I don’t want boxes in my wardrobe full of things that aren’t being used on possibly even a yearly basis. Simple as that.

Maybe I’ve just got more wardrobes, then. Out of season clothes are in different wardrobes to stuff being currently worn.

skankingpiglet Wed 28-Oct-20 07:03:26

I have 2 DDs who are 2yrs apart. I mostly buy better quality brands in the sales for the following year. I find Boden, John Lewis etc last well through 2 childen and, if they manage to escape an unremoveable stain, are in good enough condition to hand down or sell on. Supermarket/cheaper brands rarely make it past both children and often are too worn or mis-shapen even to pass on to DD2, so I avoid buying where possible. As a result I have 2 giant laundry bags in the loft: one full of new clothes for DD1 and the other is full of clothes waiting to be passed to DD2. They are always full as summer and winter things are regularly added or pulled out for use, but due to the age gap nothing sits in there for more than 8 months.

Unfortunately due to Covid, I also currently have loads of grown out of clothes (and toys) stashed in the loft. Some clothes I pass on (and have done), but a lot I usually sell and use the funds towards more clothes/toys for xmas and birthdays. I would have done 2 NCT sales normally over the year. I find toys sell well on Marketplace but clothes less so, and eBay is out as needing to run to the post office regularly isn't worth the money/hassle.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 28-Oct-20 07:06:27

I had a big gap and different sexes. I did keep my maternity stuff and added few bits to it....and there were a handful of things for DC2 that was usable in the newborn sort of bracket, but I enjoyed buying new.

user1471464218 Wed 28-Oct-20 07:11:40

Mine are a bit older now ( late primary) and for the past few years I've bought them fewer outfits each, and those outfits are done when they're outgrown. A few items are good enough for charity shop and a lot of it is for recycling. I prefer this each child gets to pick stuff that they like and suits skinny jeans/ baggier jeans.

BibbityBobbityBellend Wed 28-Oct-20 07:22:52

I kept a minimal amount of things but soon realised we weren't having any more so now I only have the first onesie DD wore so another baby will wear the same one.

I also hate to store things. My mum and grandparents save everything just in case. Throwing or selling things makes me feel like I have some control over not being like them.

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