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Christmas shopping dilemma?

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BlueOceanWave Tue 27-Oct-20 17:38:22

I'm in Ireland. I started some Christmas shopping over the weekend and helping my mother with her list too with online shopping. We don't have a lot to do or a lot to buy for and we made a lot of progress. I decided because of the lockdown to support local businesses within my county or country. I enjoyed the challenge and I was successful at finding gifts without going to amazon or bigger retailers. I was very happy. I am not done with my shopping though.

I helped to get gifts for my niece from my mother and from my brother (her uncle).

I was planning on buying a Teddy for my niece for Christmas. Like a Christmas teddy. I found one that I liked online but then when I read the description it's a no-no. It's 12cm and made from mohair and 50 euro, reduced from 75 euro. Just no and no and no. That my choice gift for her.

I found another Teddy online from another shop and I like it but I did give her something similar before. I do like it. However I browsed further afield and I found a better selection of teddies on online shops from the UK. I fell in love with a Teddy from a UK shop. It's a Charlie bear Teddy and it's beautiful. The name of the Teddy is Precious and that's what my niece is to me.
It would be perfect.

So I'm torn. I set a challenge to shop online local but thing I fell in love with is in the UK. What to do? I can't figure out what else to get her for Christmas. She's 6 and lives abroad. I love rooting out unique presents and gifts.

What to do? Do I shop from the other shop to buy the other Teddy or go for the Teddy from the UK or go a different path with something else?

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iftherewereahorseyinthehouse Tue 27-Oct-20 19:30:52

Just order the teddy you like best. Life's too short.

I had to google it and it's lovely!

purpledagger Tue 27-Oct-20 19:39:17

Get your niece the gift you want. You've done really well to buy everything else locally.

SnuggyBuggy Wed 28-Oct-20 08:01:51

I'm similar, I've tried but just haven't found local places selling the right gifts

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