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The secrets of being famous

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Pizzaalover Tue 27-Oct-20 17:10:39

I’ve been thinking a lot since reading about Britney Spears and all of the harassment she has endured over the years by the paparazzi! I wonder if anyone on here is famous? Knows someone who is?

What are some secrets, or things that the public couldn’t possibly understand about your life once you become rich and famous. Im assuming that when you are both rich and famous you can’t go anywhere without security due to the safety aspects...

If you are “rich” do you pay all the time when out with friends who don’t earn as much as you?

Do celebs like being famous and fans approaching them? What about during a family meal? This must be hard for them to deal with.

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Pizzaalover Fri 30-Oct-20 18:32:10

I also just saw a video of one of the Kardashians shouting at a pap to get away as she was with her child. I think they got a bit too close and I literally nearly had tears watching her defend her private space. It must be so hard because for them being famous is one thing but to be harassed when holding your baby must bring out the protective mother in anyone and I feel like it must be a very scary situation. I watched a video of Kendal saying that she had a stalker who followed her in her car and apparently he got put in jail she was nearly crying while talking about it. The Kim K robbery in Paris... when she told that story I really really felt for her. I could never feel safe if I was rich or famous! I think I would become paranoid and scared all the time.

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