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73 Yr old self isolating Ddad called up for jury service

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PunkyBubba Tue 27-Oct-20 16:27:11

As the title suggest, my Ddad who is 73, and been isolating with my mum for 3 months due to fears over getting Coronavirus. He has anxiety issues, including health anxiety, and they have been refusing to see family (understandably) as they don't want to risk getting ill.

He has received a Jury service letter starting in a few weeks in a very large town, which he would only be able to get to via train as he would be too anxious to drive there (traffic/parking is terrible).

Is he able to refuse this? I have been googling away and can't seem to find anything that categorically says yes.. which seems ridiculous given that he has been isolating for so long as he is clinically vulnerable, yet is meant to take a train now into one of the busiest towns in the UK hmm

Any help/advice much appreciated!

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AnythingLegalConsidered Tue 27-Oct-20 16:47:59

He needs to reply to the jury service letter in the form it specifies, along with evidence from his doctor explaining his state of health, and caring responsibilities and his inability to drive.

However I would question whether this isolation from family is really in his best interests? You don’t specify what his health issues are over and above being a 73 year old man - it sounds as if a broader risk-benefit discussion with his doctor would be in order. My older relatives are all seeing friends and family regularly, with risk reduction measures in place.

FadedRed Tue 27-Oct-20 16:53:45

The age limits for jury service has been raised from 70 to 75 years, but people between 70-75 can ask to be excused.

PunkyBubba Tue 27-Oct-20 16:58:09

Thanks FadedRed,

Do you have a website or document I can link to that states that?

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PunkyBubba Tue 27-Oct-20 17:06:28

Thanks AnythingLegal,

My Dsis and her family are in Tier2, and quite a distance away (45 mins drive) so can't meet indoors, and with young children who are both at school so the risk is higher. Dsis also has some health anxiety around the coronavirus risks so would not be pushing this as she doesn't want to risk parents health either.

I'm 2.5 hrs drive away so would have to stay overnight, and again as I have young children who are back at school they feel the risk is too high for that.

We video chat every day, and I have to accept their decision on physically meeting up

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AnythingLegalConsidered Tue 27-Oct-20 17:10:44

That sounds tough OP. Probably not good for his mental health but I can see that logistically you all don’t have much choice.

WitchesSpelleas Tue 27-Oct-20 17:15:31

Gov UK link:

Pbbananabagel Tue 27-Oct-20 17:39:53

Your DD can defer for a period of up to a year citing COVID-19 as his reason for deferral. He will then be asked to perform his jury service next year. I have deferred mine from April this year to April 2021 as I couldn’t organise childcare at that time due to lockdown and it was no problem at all.

Arcadia Tue 27-Oct-20 17:50:06

Like @Pbbananabagel said, my secretary at work just managed to defer it for a year as well by saying we needed her in the office. She basically called the court and spoke to them directly, if you want permanent exemption you need to write a letter and a judge will look at it. Medical evidence would be useful to attach to that.

NeverAMillionMilesAway Tue 27-Oct-20 17:50:54

There is a list of people who may be excused here:
It does say people over 70 can ask to be excused.
Your dad could also ask for an excusal on health grounds if he was previously asked to shield; stating that being in close contact with others would put him at increased risk. They may not accept it, and may only defer it to a later date, though.

PunkyBubba Tue 27-Oct-20 18:28:55

Thanks all for the help. I've helped him put together a request for exemption (or referral). Fingers crossed they will accept it.

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TakemedowntoPotatoCity Tue 27-Oct-20 19:47:18

Don't worry. My mum was excused at your dad's age.

user1471453601 Tue 27-Oct-20 19:51:53

My DDs partner was called for Jury service in january. She wrote back and told them she suffered from anxity, and the prescription drugs she was tak ing. No doctors letter, just that. She was excused

PunkyBubba Thu 29-Oct-20 10:02:43

I just wanted to update to say we have heard back and my Ddads jury service has been deferred for a year smile

So thank you to those who replied, and advised.

Here's hoping 2021 will be a better year... it can't really be much worse can it? confused

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