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Handbag birthday gift help.

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JellyNo15 Tue 27-Oct-20 14:54:16

My lovely daughter in law is in her late twenties and I would love to buy her a handbag that she may not splash out on herself. I am thinking of something in the region of £50 -£75. I quite like the Vendula scene type but are they something a young and trendy mum would like? Or if you fit her description what would you like in brands and styles? Thanks for those who take the time to reply, much appreciated.

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floofycroissant Tue 27-Oct-20 15:02:33

Lovely thought, but as someone who's been on the receiving end of this type of gift it's really hard to get right. Unless she's specifically asked for it, or you're super close.

The Vendula's are a very specific style, is that her look? It's the kind of thing that really suits a person or can look quite childish. Doesn't look very versatile for the money.

Whatever you do but get a gift receipt.

BringMeThatHorizon Tue 27-Oct-20 15:17:10

As PP said, handbags are quite hard to get right unless you're really sure on their specific style. What does she like? I wouldn't use a Verdula bag, and would prefer something classic and a bit more versatile. It could maybe be personalised with her initials if you wanted to. Something like this. But I appreciate that some people that are a bit more out there fashion-wise might find that really boring!

JellyNo15 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:16:03

Thank you. I am glad to get your opinions. I can see your point. I am trying to avoid vouchers this year and would really like to see her unwrap something lovely that she would be pleased to receive.

Her birthday is right after Christmas and she will have the usual smellies etc. Any ideas?

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floofycroissant Tue 27-Oct-20 18:09:15

What does she like? What's her style like? Any hobbies?

Why not just ask your DS if he has any suggestions.

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