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Leaving nursing

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CrochetToTheMoon Tue 27-Oct-20 16:49:28

Thanks hobnob I’ve sent you a pm

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CrochetToTheMoon Tue 27-Oct-20 16:47:02

I’ve seen a lot about rep jobs but they’re quite target driven aren’t they? I’d love to change to something entirely different, like massage therapy, and then specialise in oncology massage. I have a keen interest in palliative care so am also thinking of hospice nursing, but holistic therapy/massage therapy also really interests me. I’d love the idea of having someone come for a massage and for that 30-60 minutes or whatever it’s just relaxation and they leave feeling even a tiny bit better about themselves.

I think the pandemic, lockdown, the full PPE has just really sent my previous unsettled feeling into overdrive and if it wasn’t for the fact I have children and bills I’d hand my notice in today.

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Hobnobswantshernameback Tue 27-Oct-20 16:40:28

I left nursing 16 years ago and have never regretted it for a second
I work for a charity now but weirdly have sort of gone full circle with my role in a way that utilises a lot of my nursing skills
Happy to chat via PM

HeyBlaby Tue 27-Oct-20 16:28:59

I was working as a scrub nurse for 6 years, now in community on nights for 6 months, I absolutely love it, however I did work with a nurse who was hired by Johnson & Johnson (surgical implant/instruments) sales/support. I believe the money is very good plus bonuses.

Junjulaug Tue 27-Oct-20 16:24:53

I think nurses are saints......but I'd pay my own children not to do it. we recently sold out £1m+ house to 2 nurses who had left and gone into pharma and surgical devices'd have the perfect background for the latter.

Itmaybeus Tue 27-Oct-20 16:20:10

I'd remain part time for the protection it gives you then do some bank to experience other things.
I know many of the sales reps/medical advisors are ex health care.
Have you tried community jobs, one to one care, private rather than NHS?
Have you any interest in social Work, continuing health care is cross over between social and health care?

CrochetToTheMoon Tue 27-Oct-20 15:53:53

I think bank may be the best option as if I do retrain as something I can work around courses

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FedUpAtHomeTroels Tue 27-Oct-20 15:19:24

One nurse I knew went into sales rep for a medcial company she was very successful at tit too.
I left the NHS as I couldn't take it anymore. But in the past work in places I liked, Consulting rooms (private) District for many years and in a day surgery unit. I have ended up in an area I said I'd never do. Dementia nursing home, I'm RGN not RMN and love it.
I'd do bank and get to try our different areas.

CrochetToTheMoon Tue 27-Oct-20 14:27:03

Name changed for this.

I’ve been a nurse for almost 12 years, 16 including college and university training but now I want to leave, I just have no idea what to do. Nursing is all I’ve ever known.

My background is theatre and critical care for reference, I’ve worked full time the majority of my career up until this year when I went part time. I qualified with a diploma but went back to university on a part time basis two years ago and topped up so I now have a degree.

I just don’t know where to go or what direction to take in life. I feel like a career change is on the cards as I’ve changed jobs a few times and have yet to find my niche. I had 8 weeks off sick prior to the pandemic which really rattled me and since working through the pandemic I’ve just become so exhausted, mentally and physically, and disillusioned. The policies and procedures change on a weekly basis and between shifts, there’s so much red tape I feel I can’t give my patients the care they deserve and I feel like most days I leave my work really disheartened and low.

I’m considering remaining part time and retraining in something, or leaving all together and working bank while I figure out what to do. Perhaps doing bank will let me work in a variety of places without being committed to working there full time and I’ll see what else is out there.

Are there any nurses or ex nurses with advice please?

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