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Looking fir films to watch with kids

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paintmywholehousecobweb Tue 27-Oct-20 10:39:11

What are your recommendations for films which both adults & kids, ages from 8-12 would like???

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CandleWick4 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:41:12

The new Jumanji films are actually pretty good. Plenty of humour aimed at adults as well as kids

GemSmith738 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:46:49

We really enjoyed spies in disguise

Themadcatparade Tue 27-Oct-20 10:48:33

We watched the babysitters guide to monster hunting this morning and now watching Nanny McPhee

CandleWick4 Tue 27-Oct-20 12:29:09

The newer goosebumps films are ok as well

Thingsarel00kingup Tue 27-Oct-20 12:32:05

Bridge to Terrabithia is a great film - it's a bit older now, can't remember the release date but it's been a firm favourite for years.


It has a bit of a sad ending... not ideal if you/the children are sensitive.

paintmywholehousecobweb Tue 27-Oct-20 22:56:34

Thanks grin

Please keep them coming 🙌

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paintmywholehousecobweb Thu 29-Oct-20 08:55:26

There must be more films out there....

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frogsarejumpy Thu 29-Oct-20 09:00:32

The Spy Next Door, Free Willy, A Dogs Journey/Way Home, Marley and Me, early Harry Potter films, Nims Island

Babdoc Thu 29-Oct-20 09:02:19

“Goodnight Mr Tom” is a heart warming (if harrowing in parts) children’s film, with John Thaw as the grumpy widower who adopts an abused child evacuee in WW2.
Spoiler alert- there is a happy ending!
My DC also enjoyed “The Box of Delights”, based on the John Masefield children’s book. The special effects are a bit dated now, but it’s v imaginative and great fun.

PotteringAlong Thu 29-Oct-20 09:03:08

Mine love cool runnings at the minute!

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