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If you were in a hotel in a seaside town, would you allow a 13 year old and 7 year old to stay in the room

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Lardlizard Tue 27-Oct-20 10:14:48

On their tablets while you and your dh looked round the shops for an hour/an hour and a half ?

The 13 year old is sensible
Has a phone
They get on v well and both well behaved ?

So you wouldn’t be far away
And contactable by phone
And they understand if the fire alarm goes off to leave the building a d call us

The hotel is in the town centre so we wouldn’t be far away

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DangerMouse17 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:18:55

I would if the 13yr old was comfortable and confident with 7yr old. Looks like they are from your OP. Assume there is a hotel reception area etc too if they need help?

flowery Tue 27-Oct-20 10:21:27

No. Why? Just take them with you!

MozzchopsThirty Tue 27-Oct-20 10:22:27

Yes I would

TeddyIsaHe Tue 27-Oct-20 10:23:55

Yes I would. I mean, what’s the most they’re going to do in a hotel room?

Go through with them what to do if the fire alarm goes off, show them how to call reception if they need to, does the 13 year old have a phone? Tell them not to open windows etc.

JuliaJohnston Tue 27-Oct-20 10:24:11

No. You're on holiday; do something you'll all enjoy rather than you going shopping and them sitting in a hotel room hmm

TeddyIsaHe Tue 27-Oct-20 10:24:35

Just saw 13 yo has a phone (must not skim read!!) so it’s fine as long as they know what to do and how to get out safely if needs be.

Lardlizard Tue 27-Oct-20 10:25:38

It’s raining very hard And they’ve been out that last 3 days walking upto 20miles per day so they have asked if they can stay here for an hour

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toomuchtoworryabout Tue 27-Oct-20 10:25:45

I would imagine this would violate the hotel’s health and safety policy and possibly invalidate their insurance.
Children (ie anyone under 18) are not usually allowed to stay in hotels unless an adult over 18 is present. I imagine this applies to the daytime as well as overnight.

NightCzar Tue 27-Oct-20 10:26:16

Yes definitely

Lardlizard Tue 27-Oct-20 10:26:19

Yes there’s a reception

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Lardlizard Tue 27-Oct-20 10:27:01

They want to stay here

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Floralnomad Tue 27-Oct-20 10:27:28

No , I might leave the 13 yr old but I’d take the 7 yo .

ContraIndicated Tue 27-Oct-20 10:28:02

Why would the hotel even know? It’s fine.

xyzandabc Tue 27-Oct-20 10:30:57

Yes, I would. For an activity that they would find insanely boring, in the rain, when you've done family stuff all week. It's an hour or two of downtime on their screens.

steppemum Tue 27-Oct-20 10:36:16

yes, as long as 13 year old is fine to watch 7 year old.

but on mn most will say no until the oldest is about 25

JE17 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:37:26

Yes I would

KatherineJaneway Tue 27-Oct-20 10:50:22

Yes I would.

Branleuse Tue 27-Oct-20 10:53:17

possibly if they were sensible kids. I wouldnt go out for longer though.

misskick Tue 27-Oct-20 10:54:23

If the 13 year old is sensible and the 7 year old would listen to her, I don't see why not.

Inastatus Tue 27-Oct-20 10:56:55

Yes, I think it’s fine for an hour or so as long as you are contactable and not too far away.

BearSoFair Tue 27-Oct-20 10:57:13

If they're sensible, definitely. There's 5 years between DS1 and DD and I wouldn't have had a second thought about leaving them for an hour at those ages.

Honeybobbin Tue 27-Oct-20 11:00:59

I'm surprised by all these messages, to me this is a very obvious yes!

MrsWooster Tue 27-Oct-20 11:01:29

Yes. Mine are 10 and 7 and I would for an hour, with a phone.

Friendsoftheearth Tue 27-Oct-20 11:03:57

No, far too young at seven. If you intend to do this anyway you need to ask the hotel, if the children are discovered by staff and have not been informed, they may call the police. It will become a SS issue.

The children are in a strange hotel in the middle of an area they do not know well, and it is for an hour - not even five or ten minutes. Just no.

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