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What is this behaviour? Obsessing, dramatic.

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savetti Tue 27-Oct-20 09:43:43

My son is 13, probable adhd and mild dyslexia.
Had a nightmare with him recently, doesn’t listen, doesn’t care.
Very affectionate and recently doesn’t want to do anything without me.
So, he’s obsessed with Halloween, every year we have to decorate the house, like a movie set. He does want to be a film director.
But a lot of it is unachievable, so I have to reign in his imagination as I do with every art project.
We are currently on holiday and he is catastrophising. He wants to catch an earlier plane in case he misses Halloween. In case the plane is delayed. In case we can’t get a big enough pumpkin for his plans.
Every bloody year I do the decorating on the day, when he is in school. It’s not like he does it a eeek in advance. He says it’s stressing him out.
This type of behaviour is happening more and more, completely overreacting when the printer won’t print, or when I’m trying to put apple music on his phone. Dramatic and angry too,
His dad was like this too, I’m very worried it’s hereditary. It’s not copied behaviour, his dad died years ago.

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