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Most expensive non essential thing you brought

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Idunnoyou Tue 27-Oct-20 06:26:25

Like a bag.
Everyone going on about birkins but what's the point in them

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Bloodybridget Tue 27-Oct-20 07:05:27

I suppose a car, no-one could say that's essential in a city that has excellent public transport. Otherwise, art, not vast amounts but I bought a painting for £650 a few weeks ago.

swannin Tue 27-Oct-20 07:08:22

Bought not brought...sorry op 🙈

Bloodybridget Tue 27-Oct-20 08:15:32

@Idunnoyou I don't even know what birkins are . .

BarbaraofSeville Tue 27-Oct-20 08:23:11

Do holidays count? In normal times, I probably spend more per year on holidays than a Birkin bag, which while very nice, are obviously not essential.

I've not been away at all this year, so I suppose I could just buy the bag instead, but that wouldn't be worth it to me. I'm a Kipling girl and wouldn't feel comfortable carrying round something so valuable.

But the way I see it is, as long as you can afford it (as in pay for essentials, have a pension and savings), and will get value from it, buy what you like. Some people spend on cars that are more expensive than necessary, others bags, others lots of other smaller day to day treats.

Ifailed Tue 27-Oct-20 08:24:36

A house, I could of rented.

UnicornAndSparkles Tue 27-Oct-20 08:25:07

I spent £145 on a face cream at the start of lockdown...why 😳

WeyIand Tue 27-Oct-20 08:30:29

A Chanel bag. I enjoy using it. I paid for it myself. I had a very deprived childhood, and it reminds me how different and better life is now.

OhToBeASeahorse Tue 27-Oct-20 08:32:27

We've had 3 holidays that have cost us 5k each time for just the 2 of us. Absolutely amazing though, I dont regret it at all.

SurreyHillsGirl Tue 27-Oct-20 08:37:48

My home - I could have bought a smaller less beautiful but still as fully functioning abode

My car - I could have bought a basic runaround instead of a luxury ride

Luxury holidays - I didn't have to go

Various designer handbags - I could just use an asda bag I guess

But life is just so much better surrounded by gorgeous things

BrieAndChilli Tue 27-Oct-20 08:46:39

Probably £45 on a glass Christmas tree shaped jar. I don’t even buy clothes or shoes that are more than £45!!
I mean there’s the normal stuff like TVs and games consoles for the kids that I’ve spend more than 45 on but something just for me it would be the jar.

vizlsapup Tue 27-Oct-20 08:52:32

Specialised roadbike @ £1,200 but bought for £500 off a mate.

Will always look for second hand.

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