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Any dentists about please?

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boredinthouse Mon 26-Oct-20 11:28:00

My DS baby teeth came through with holes in them. My dentist told me it was quite rare and usually affects adult teeth. They came through like that, it wasn't like food was rotting them. He had check ups every three months, the enamel was very soft and they progressively worsened. He fell at around age two and broke several teeth and they were removed.

He now has a mixture of baby and adult teeth. His baby teeth don't fall out properly and the dentist eventually takes them out when they are in the way of the adult teeth (not sure if this is related to the weak enamel problem or not).

His adult teeth now appear to be dissolving similar to his baby teeth did. We have a new dentist now, we have moved and his previous dentist has retired. I've told them about his baby teeth problem but they won't accept that this could be an actual thing and just keep telling me it's decay related to his diet etc. I KNOW that it's not. I remember how immediately as his teeth came through they looked strange and I took him straight away to my dentist who told me that it was a rare ish problem that people sometimes have. Further, I know his diet is ok and I'm meticulous about him brushing his teeth. I'm really quite worried that there is an actual problem with his enamel but the dentist just won't take me seriously.

Does anyone know if this is an actual condition? I'm seeing the dentist again today and would like to try and discuss us with her again. Thanks

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FallonCarringtonWannabe Mon 26-Oct-20 11:30:57

Maybe make a list of everything he has eaten and drank in the last 7 typical days to make your point that it isnt sugary shit.

And well done on finding a dentist working! That’s no mean feat in itself! grin Mine is continuing to lie to me and tell me the government said they are not allowed to see patients hmm

Mustardbay Mon 26-Oct-20 11:32:02

Was it enamel hypoplasia?

DanceThen Mon 26-Oct-20 11:41:49

Okay so there is a condition called hypoplasia/hypomineralisation. Basically the teeth come through either malformed or weak. This is usually only a few teeth and is recognisable

They dont come through with holes, but they will be much more prone to getting decay

There is also a condition called amelogensis imperfecta which is where the enamel xoesnt form correctly, this is usually on all the teeth however it has quite a classic appearance and is something that would be picked up straight away

If the adult teeth came through fine and are now rotting that is not a probem with the enamel that is a problem with the diet/brushing. Even if there is an enamel weakness the treatment is the same- excellent tooth brushing and excellent diet.

Its really hard to say without seeing you, however I agree with the PP that a diet diary that includes everything he has eaten and drank in the last 2 weeks would be useful. Plus disclosing his teeth to see if there is plaque

DanceThen Mon 26-Oct-20 11:49:05

AI is very rare though and is often associated with abnormal shape of teeth as well as abnormal colour/ texture. It is unlikely the dentist would ignore this or hypomineralisation

At the end of the day though he still needs prevention. Flouride treatment, maybe high flouride toothpaste depending on his age, deit and oral hygeine.

boredinthouse Mon 26-Oct-20 11:49:05

They're not rotting, the front teeth are sort of dissolving. He doesn't have any fillings etc.

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boredinthouse Mon 26-Oct-20 11:50:34

He did give it a name but I don't remember what it was. It should be on his notes though shouldn't it? I'm going to ask her again to check his notes from when he was a baby

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MilkLady02 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:57:00

Hi, I agree with Dancethen that it could be Amelogenesis Imperfecta but it would be unusual that your previous dentist did not tell you your DS’s diagnosis. Did the dentist give you a diagnosis/name of a condition that he has?

Hopefully link will work, there are some images, is that what you are describing?

DanceThen Mon 26-Oct-20 11:57:40

Thats often how decaying teeth look OP, it is normally when there is a high frequency of acid in the diet like acidic and drinks

MilkLady02 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:58:33

Sorry, x post. If you’ve moved dentist, they will not have previous notes from another practice. You can request them or new dentist can request them.

WhySoSensitive Mon 26-Oct-20 11:59:54

Did he have any antibiotic treatments when he was a baby?
Some antibiotics can cause problems with teeth and bone growth including staining and weakness, could be linked,

boredinthouse Mon 26-Oct-20 12:11:20

He did have antibiotics as he had pneumonia but I'm fairly sure that was after his teeth started to come through. I've just discovered that my excellent private practice takes on children so I'm going to move him across to them.

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