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Trapped Wind - what am I doing wrong?

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GreekMomma Sun 25-Oct-20 18:40:34

Hi all, I am a new mum of an 8w old baby, since he was born he suffered with trapped wind. Originally he was EBF but at day 20 I introduced formula on the advice of a lactation Consultant as he had as low weight gain. He was on Aptamil first and he would wake up screaming in pain with wind. We have since moved him on Neocate (as paediatrician suspected CMA) but has not eliminated the problem. I have gone dairy free (w3 now) as well. He finds it difficult to burp. He nurses to sleep so burping after a feed risks waking him up. He sleeps badly, waking himself up due to trapped wind, he doesn’t have more than 1,5h uninterrupted sleep at a time. He also has silent reflux but do not want to medicate him (he gets hiccups after some feeds and brings up a bit of milk). Have tried Infacol, Colief and Grioe Water but nothing works. It is distressing seeing him in pain and being unable to do anything.

Does it get better? How can I make it better?

Thank you all

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TheBabyAteMyBrain Sun 25-Oct-20 18:43:44

Always, always burp otherwise you and baby will pay for it later.

Have you tried stomach massage, cycling legs, tiger in the tree hold, keeping baby upright after feeds for 30 mins?

It's been a while so I'm scrambling to think what we did with mine who both had a lot of wind.

User0ne Sun 25-Oct-20 18:50:46

Have you tried reclining with DC facing you on your chest. Ds2 was winded like that for 4-5m as I had a very fast let down.

If it's not an issue when you bf then you could try a different bottle/teat design. If you want to you could try gradually increasing bf over formula as you can still increase your supply.

User0ne Sun 25-Oct-20 18:52:21

Sorry; meant to add that Ds2 would sleep while I burped him in that position. Also 1.5hour sleep intervals at that age is perfectly normal

Iwant2move Sun 25-Oct-20 18:57:13

Burp him. If he’s had enough he will go to sleep.

JoeWicksSurvivor Sun 25-Oct-20 18:57:36

My DH had a much better winding technique than me so try different methods. Agree to still wind even if sleeping.

ahhanotheryear Sun 25-Oct-20 19:02:15

i'm on my second with those problems. Be very careful to ensure there is no milk or milk products in your diet, read every label. Wind after every feed and keep upright for 30 mins after every feed. Use anti colic bottles. A dummy can help with reflux, worked really well with my first but my second won't have a dummy. Prop the end of the cot up with a couple of books under the legs or the moses basket with a towel under it.
You really do have to get the wind out, then you can let them feed a little more to nod off. Walk round with them against your shoulder, bicycle legs, lots of changing of position. Tap the back lightly
Mines still puking after feeds, we've tried carobel in her bottles of neocate but she won't have it. I think she's about to start refusing the neocate as well so will be back to breast only. It does get easier.

GreekMomma Sun 25-Oct-20 19:10:42

Thank you all. I am trying to burp him after each feed but he doesn’t always burp and even if he does he still suffers afterwards.

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2bazookas Sun 25-Oct-20 19:19:57

I always burped mine twice, first time half way through the feed and second at the end. That way, wind doesn't build up and two burps reduces the risk of regurgitating the lot in one giant burp.

dolphinpose Sun 25-Oct-20 21:37:49

Burp him sitting upright, just support his head with one hand and rub his back and tummy with the other. Or, if he doesn't get sick, lay him on your knees on his tummy and gently rub.

There's a really good baby massage technique that works. Lie him on his back and walk your fingers down his stomach from his right (left hand side, as facing you) to left, from rib cage down to hip bone. Eventually you'll find the hard lump of trapped wind and you can massage it down and out with your fingers. My DS used to giggle with delight when I did that, it relieved the pain so much.

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