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Was this such a terrible thing to do?

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RunBackwards Sun 25-Oct-20 18:13:56

My Sunday routine is an early run followed by a gym class, so I park the car at the gym, do my run and go straight into the sports centre.

Today it was pouring hard and I was soaked (and rapidly getting cold) after the run. I whipped off my shirt in the car park and replaced it with a dry one. Quick as I could but cold and wet it probably wasn't the sickest of movements. I had a substantial sports bra on under, which I didn't change. Then changed my shoes and socks. Changing rooms are closed atm, but TBH I'd have probably done it in the car park anyway, rather than have to carry the wet stuff. It is admittedly a busy car park with lots of people using the leisure centre on a Sunday morning.

It seems someone I know saw and I'm now the talk of the town! I understand that runners sometimes do have different ideas when it comes to decency, often changing in a field etc, but was it so awful?

It's not entirely clear whether the "talk" is affectionate grin

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ekidmxcl Sun 25-Oct-20 18:17:53

Perfectly normal thing to do.

Are the people in your town generally bored? I can’t see how anyone would find this worthy of gossiping about.

Smallsteps88 Sun 25-Oct-20 18:20:10

I’m not a sports person but I wouldn’t batt an eyelid at this. Unless you had an offensive tattoo or something on your back I don’t see the problem.

lljkk Sun 25-Oct-20 18:23:32

I change like that every time I go swimming -- we have to because changing cubicles are closed. Means I walk home with only wet bra on, I didn't want to try to get dray bra on under the changing towel. Don't think I've got anyone excited yet.

Another gal after pool swim got changed top to bottom outside a few weeks ago. Not sure if anyone but me saw her lily white arse. .. she was right next to train line so not a low risk option.

picklemewalnuts Sun 25-Oct-20 18:26:23

Assuming you didn't do a coy dance with come hither looks, perfectly fine.

Ignore or laugh. Honestly, it's really not that exciting!

mineofuselessinformation Sun 25-Oct-20 18:32:35

Laugh about it and retort it says much more about them than you if you need to!

3rdNamechange Sun 25-Oct-20 18:45:31

I accidentally flashed at a whole campsite once while getting changed. When someone pointed it out to me I just said ' oh well I'm glad if I gave someone a cheap thrill ' 🙄

User0ne Sun 25-Oct-20 19:02:53

I went to school in a town where the local newspaper had
"Shopkeepers trapped by wall of foam"
and variants of same as the front page for nearly a fortnight after someone put washing powder into a new town water feature.

Really some people live in very small world's.

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles Sun 25-Oct-20 19:10:28

I'm guessing you are in a very small town, there is no one in the stocks to throw things at and there is nothing on telly at the moment?

I wouldn't worry about it wink

RandomMess Sun 25-Oct-20 19:13:25


That's hilarious!! Sports bra is probably adequate coverage for running in without a top on!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Oct-20 20:13:38

Sports bra is just like a crop top or bikini top, if it was a sexy bra I suppose it would be different.

They didn’t have to look at you changing either.

Badabingbadabum Sun 25-Oct-20 20:18:10

Where do you live, 1952?

VimFuego101 Sun 25-Oct-20 20:27:27

I've seen lots of people running with just a sports bra on. Your town must be very short of gossip grin

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