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What did you dream last night?

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RosieLemonade Sun 25-Oct-20 07:43:42

I dreamt I had a baby boy who looked just like DH when he was a baby. He was playing at the top of the stairs and fell down to the bottom where he landed in a box. He was just lovely in my dream and I’m feeling a bit miffed this morning that he’s not about and there’s no babies in my near future.

When DD was a few weeks old I fell down the stairs with her. It was one of the worst moments of my entire life so stairs are often in my dream.

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Buzlightyear1 Sun 25-Oct-20 09:35:37

I had a wierd dream I was watching a dog my mum just got it was brown don’t no the bread. We were on this wierd beach and when I went in the sea it was green and lite up green. And very cold. I woke up and told my mum. I never normally and she sent me these pictures of a random brown dog looked like the one and this wierd beach covered in green on the rocks. She had been there on Thursday. Very wierd

Gilead Sun 25-Oct-20 09:45:44

Went to some sort of uni celebration but ended up on a coach and having to poo in a hat. It was horrid.
I have UC so maybe to do with that.

GreenPlum Sun 25-Oct-20 09:48:23

I put our TV in DS12's bedroom so I didn't have to watch him play on the Xbox in the sitting room 😂

Aunty5ocial Sun 25-Oct-20 10:10:10

Dream 1 - my husband dream cheated. I woke up feeling so uneasy and a bit pissed with him.
Finally managed to fall back asleep, and
Dream 2 - My friend was in a mental institution. Vivid and weird.

dudsville Sun 25-Oct-20 10:24:38

Ooh, good, a place to post this. I dreamed that my OH was at work, on the moon. Something happened and a giant piece of the moon or the work station fell off, hurtled toward earth. I was on a chaise longue outside looking up at it all and thinking "oh dear". After it hit I was surprised by the absence of shock waves, I texted OH "are you ok?". Then seemingly the next thing was we were in the woods, high up in the tree tops, with monkey/ape type animals, and we were all family and I was thinking "well this is all well and good but I don't want to live the rest of my days in the tree tops". I was scared to get down so I somehow made a tall stack stackable chairs that I could step on to and somehow glide down. We all (OH and the apes and I) moved back home and I thought "I'm going to have to teach them road safety".

I woke up and realised just what a strange dream it was!

CampfireZen Sun 25-Oct-20 10:44:36

Mine was a shocker:

A witch's long, bony fingers extending through my ajar sash window and poking me.

I was paralysed by fear, couldn't shout for help.

Was so realistic I woke up in a right old state.
Heart thumping, cold sweat, the works.

Turns out I'd fallen asleep on the biro I was writing with late last night...

Fishfingersandwichplease Sun 25-Oct-20 11:36:38

Dreamt about a birthday cake that had a log burner on it! Work that one out!!

WitchesSpelleas Sun 25-Oct-20 11:41:02

I dreamt I had a huge spreadsheet to fill in at work, but the cells were really tiny so I could hardly see them.

It was an extremely boring dream.

RosieLemonade Sun 25-Oct-20 16:55:05

Anyone else?

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TroysMammy Sun 25-Oct-20 16:58:08

I had parked legally on a street and someone decided that to shove my little car into the back of a transit van. I knocked on a door to demand my car was removed and the owner was incredulous that I had driven a Matiz 900cc from Swansea to Essex!

I also waited hours for a taxi to take me to work which is about 1/2 mile from where I was!

Mxflamingnoravera Sun 25-Oct-20 18:01:03

I keep dreaming of my laptop screen, just that, it's either outlook or just a screen scrolling. I'm sure it because I spend so many hours wfh in front of it.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 25-Oct-20 18:07:19

Not yesterday but last week - I was lead singer in a band of travelling squirrels.

Witchend Sun 25-Oct-20 18:07:21

I dreamt three times that I woke myself up coughing. Dh assures me I wasn't coughing, and I haven't coughed since I woke up.

nancybotwinbloom Sun 25-Oct-20 18:10:44

I had a nightmare!

I dreamt I had a policeman burst in my house, he forced me over the counter to handcuff me and I did some fighting moves and threw myself back and managed to head butt him with the back of my head! He wasn't a real policeman I just knew that somehow.

Then we had another fight and I ripped his ear off and threw it to my dog a chihuahua who ate it!

I woke up then.

Winterfellismyhome Sun 25-Oct-20 18:13:47

That i punched Dermot O'Leary in a shop for queue jumping and sparked a massive police hunt hmm

SconNotScone Sun 25-Oct-20 19:54:51

I had a funny dream last night, I woke up smiling when I remembered it. I was on holiday with a group of friends. I found a big clam shell on the beach, it was stuffed full of little bits of treasure. Brought it back to where we were staying (which was a very random underground den) and emptied out the treasure - there were loads of tiny pretty shells, gold charm, other little trinkets. I then pretended to auction the contents to my friends, putting on a proper auctioneers voice, and doing that funny thing you see them do on TV where they roll their tongues and talk proper gibberish It made one of my friends absolutely cry with laughter. It was such a feel-good dream!

loutypips Sun 25-Oct-20 19:57:49

I dreamt my mum (who died this week) was here and healthy.
It's so hard dreaming of her as I don't want to wake up.

nancybotwinbloom Sun 25-Oct-20 22:08:35


I'm so sorry about your mum.
Maybe it's her way of letting you know she's at peace and happy.

feministfemme Sun 25-Oct-20 22:13:47

I had a dream last night that I was being flirted with by Rachel McAdams only to reject her (whyyyyy!) and then she started attacking me. I ran into my house and the door opened so I fired a gun and unintentionally shot this singer I like who was coming in instead of Rachel McAdams, but he was pretty mellow and we had a chat and he gave me some kisses on the cheek.

Analyse that one, Freud!

IndieTara Sun 25-Oct-20 22:50:26

I dreamt I was caught up in a Tsunami with the cast of Gossip Girl

CthulhuInDisguise Sun 25-Oct-20 22:53:14

I dreamt i was showing my mum round my uni and it was flooded, then we went home because the mayor was coming round to fit a new toilet confused

PajamasnoDramas Sun 25-Oct-20 23:50:19

I dreamt I was out shopping with a friend who then disappeared and I ended up meeting my mum who was having lunch in a dept store cafe. She’s been dead two years, but it was lovely to see her again, if only in a dream.

Tillygetsit Mon 26-Oct-20 01:39:32

I've just woken up from a horrible anxiety dream. I was on a weird cruise ship crowded with people in evening dress. We had to get off to catch the tube but no one would pack except me.
I had to push through the crowd to one canin, shout at someone to start packing then push through again to the other end where another person had just emptied their suitcase on the floor. I'm a sweaty exhausted mess! I hate crowds, get very seasick and wouldn't go on the tube if you paid me.

Tillygetsit Mon 26-Oct-20 01:44:15

Cabin not canin

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