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I've lost a TV series possibly from the 90s, maybe about ethnic cleansing

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KatyMac Sat 24-Oct-20 20:30:16

It's very vague

2 parts of a city - people moving from one ro the other with wrist bands that exploded with dye when they stayed too long

People travelling/being smuggled (to the UK?) Writing postcards to say they arrived safely then being electrocuted before they got there

Any ideas?

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june2007 Sat 24-Oct-20 20:33:43

There was a programme black something which I think was about people smugglers who killed the people they smuggled. Not for ethic cleanising but to get money and conceal evidence??

Crinklyoldhag Sat 24-Oct-20 20:40:00

Dunno but sounds interesting so following for answer

KatyMac Sat 24-Oct-20 21:54:27

They were in a cave and holding on to a wire and they electrocuted them

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MrsSlocombesPussy Sat 24-Oct-20 23:58:58

I remember that. Was it people being smuggled into the EU from Eastern Europe?

KatyMac Sun 25-Oct-20 00:01:10

Yes something like that

And maybe living in ghettos/separately when/if they got here

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PastMyBestBeforeDate Sun 25-Oct-20 00:05:26

I remember something on C4 where a woman immigrant was trying to escape from a camp near Dover and police stopped her on a hill. Does that sound like it?
I only watched a bit of it.

KatyMac Sun 25-Oct-20 12:21:25

Maybe I though the lead was a journalist with permission to work but it got revoked when she stayed across the border too long and her bracelet released the dye

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