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Good vegan pizza dough recipe?

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LittleOverwhelmed Sat 24-Oct-20 00:05:48

We normally use a pizza dough recipe that uses milk powder or milk. We make it in the bread maker.

Does anyone have any really good vegan friendly pizza dough recipe?

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Takethewinefromtheswine Sat 24-Oct-20 00:09:47

Assuming you are happy to use yeast, I have never made pizza dough that isn't vegan. I follow Nigella's pizza casareccia (sp?) recipe, from Domestic Goddess book I think, always perfect (thick crust).

Mrbay Sat 24-Oct-20 00:26:25

Jamie Oliver does a great cheats pizza, I'm pretty sure its flour, water and a bit of oil. Blend in a food processor, roll over, pop in a frying pan for a few mins. Top then pop in the oven.

RedToothBrush Sat 24-Oct-20 00:37:24

Make pizza all the time in this house. Never used milk. DH friends are all mad pizza makers. None of them use it for a standard pizza base. Vegan pizza base is standard.

Flour (pizza flour is preferable), yeast, oil, water, salt.

CoffeeBeansGalore Sat 24-Oct-20 00:47:38

6oz bread flour
1 sachet yeast
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
120ml water

Put in breadmaker on pizza dough cycle. I leave to prove for a total of 1 hr 30 mins. These quantities ample for 2 people. I double it for 4.

BarbaraofSeville Sat 24-Oct-20 05:18:03

Bread maker recipes always have milk in, but I don't know why, because bread doesn't normally have milk in it confused

Bread dough just needs flour, yeast, oil, water and salt. I can't remember the specific proportions, but you could just use your normal recipe and leave the milk out. Substitute with extra water if the recipe includes liquid milk not dried.

I'm not vegan, but as it happens, one of the nicest pizza I've had was one on Gozo that was Mediterranean vegetables, olives, capers and fried potato. I didn't even notice there was no cheese on it until DP said that I had chips and salad on my pizza.

LittleOverwhelmed Sun 25-Oct-20 21:56:23

Thanks everyone 😊👍

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