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Any recruiters out there- need some phone interview tips

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newlabelwriter Thu 22-Oct-20 16:28:29

So, I have a phone interview next week with a very cool corportate firm (I don't want to say which one as v outing) and I really want to make a good impression. I've made it to last 10 from hundreds of applicants so really chuffed about that so they obviously liked my experience which is obviously a good start.

It's going to 45 minutes and it's an Executive Assistant role so any ideas how these are formatted? I've had other phone interviews but they've been quite casual but I don't think this one will be.

So my questions are how do I make myself stand out or any idea what sort of questions I might be asked?


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newlabelwriter Fri 23-Oct-20 04:36:17


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ReefTeeth Fri 23-Oct-20 04:54:42

Is it a phone interview or virtual, because 45 minutes for a phone interview is unusual.

It will most likely be behavioural based so think of some different scenarios for skills required for your role such as
- conflicting stakeholder priorities, how did you decide, was there an issue and what was the outcome
- time management, how do you ensure everything gets done in a timely manner
- Influencing, how do you get people to help you when required/urgent

Have good examples of the above but I find also having a time when it didn't go right, what did you do and what did you learn from it examples are really good to show how you problem solve.

Do your research on the company and find out what their values are and make sure to mention it in the interview.

Tell them why you want the job, but don't just say I've always wanted to work for XX, it's why you want the role they're interested in (likewise, saying it's close to home/had a friend work there who loves their job etc is a big no).

Good luck!

newlabelwriter Fri 23-Oct-20 05:15:11

Yes phone interview. Thanks for the tips, really useful

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newlabelwriter Fri 23-Oct-20 17:03:45


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newlabelwriter Mon 26-Oct-20 14:22:59


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