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This was the contents of an 8 year olds lunchbox.

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IAm1 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:18:07

Nutella sandwich
Bar of dairy milk
Pot of joy
2 custard creams
Cheese string.

Dd asked me if she could have a big chocolate bar in her lunch box. I said no so she declared that Chloe gets all of the above.

I didn't believe her at first but when dd said at the school gates ' my mum doesn't believe you get a whole chocolate bar for lunch'
Chloe nodded and showed me the contents. Her mum stood smiling and nodding and I felt embarrassed.

I didn't really know what to say so just laughed and said goodbye to dd then walked off.

Would you feed your dc that?

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Scweltish Mon 19-Oct-20 07:22:24

At least she’s getting fed. What’s your issue with another child’s lunchbox?

Rover83 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:22:32

Are your school not nut free or are you assuming its nutella. That is the only reason I would ever be concerned about what is in another child's lunchbox

Pelleas Mon 19-Oct-20 07:23:04

What's a 'pot of joy'? I think I need a pot of joy ...

YellowishZebra Mon 19-Oct-20 07:24:54

A lunch like that wouldn't be allowed at any school I have ever worked in. The cheese string would be allowed.
Personally my DD usually has
Cheese sandwich
Cheese string
Which I know isn't healthy but the people seeing that lunch haven't seen the porridge and berries she has for breakfast.
The vegetable soup she has as an after school snack (homemade no salt etc)
Or what ever I cook for dinner, which is usually mostly vegetable with chicken or fish .
So what I'm saying is a diet is more than what is in a lunchbox.

missyB1 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:24:59

Poor kid. But I thought schools checked lunch boxes these days and challenged the parents?

PrimeraVez Mon 19-Oct-20 07:25:59

Personally, no. And I'm surprised the school doesn't say anything.

But each to their own and all that!

caughtalightsneeze Mon 19-Oct-20 07:27:16

It's not great. But it's also no one else's business.

IAm1 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:30:26

We do have a ' no nuts' policy and we have been informed over and over to check lunches for items containing nuts.

I just think there is too much sugar and not much else.

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kittykat35 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:34:58

The dairy milk would be confiscated in DD's school (as would crisps) what the hell is a pot of joy?

IAm1 Mon 19-Oct-20 07:36:38

A pot of joy is basically a chocolate yogurt you can get caramel ones too

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FelicityPike Mon 19-Oct-20 07:36:58

Pot of joy is a Cadbury’s chocolate yogurt/smooth mousse.
Very sickening and far too sweet.

AnotherEmma Mon 19-Oct-20 07:40:43

Why did you start a thread just to bitch about the contents of a child's lunchbox? You know it's ridiculously unhealthy, we all know it's ridiculously unhealthy, so why start a thread about it? There's nothing to discuss.

AlwaysLatte Mon 19-Oct-20 07:40:45

Not healthy and worrying taking nuts to school!!

Soubriquet Mon 19-Oct-20 07:40:47

Well, the pack up for your dd is unhealthy already, so no I wouldn’t give them a bigger bar of chocolate.

I’m not anal when it comes to lunches, but even I cant see how this pack up is allowed in school

Smellbellina Mon 19-Oct-20 07:41:15

In a lot of schools something would be said, but not all. And even then allowances are made for some children.

Soubriquet Mon 19-Oct-20 07:41:43

Sorry, misread

It isn’t your dd’s but another child’s

Kinda shocked they allow it

glitterelf Mon 19-Oct-20 07:42:35

My daughter will often have a ham wrap, 2 pieces of fruit, cheese string, frube and a cake. I've been pulled up for the cake and told them that whilst cake is served as a desert for the children that have school meals that I will continue to send cake in. As a previous poster said they don't see what else my child eats at home which is a varied balanced diet.
I've known them to remove breakfast bars from other children who've taken them in for morning break, school have now banned these and state only fruit is allowed.

GoodbyePorpoiseSpit Mon 19-Oct-20 07:43:03

That’s a really shit lunch for a kid. I’d say maybe it’s a one off but the whole point of your thread is that your dd told you she has a whole choc bar everyday.
However, I also think that schools and mumsnet are inconsistent about lunch - sometimes there’s a mania for absolute health and even fruit yoghurt seen as too much sugar, then a flip flop to libertarianism ‘none of your business’ stuff. In my world kids get sandwiches, crisps, fruit, some chopped up veg and a small choc treat.

CaptainBrickbeard Mon 19-Oct-20 07:43:26

As the parent of a nut allergic child my heart is sinking at the Nutella and I would have to mention that to a teacher. It could save a life. They don’t ban nuts in schools for insignificant reasons; it really matters.

beelola Mon 19-Oct-20 07:44:25

What a weird thing to concern yourself with. I don't send my DD with any chocolate or crisps, mostly because I know her teacher would send a passive aggressive email about it.

Breastfeedingworries Mon 19-Oct-20 07:44:40

It sounds delicious grin I love me a pot of joy!!

Aldi sell a version of it and I’ve bought a couple for Dd.

Pollynextdoor Mon 19-Oct-20 07:47:00

Maybe she eats very healthily at home, but this is the only way the mum can get some energy in her at lunchtime? Is she overweight with no teeth? I wouldn’t worry about other children’s lunchboxes. Just wait until they get to secondary school and it’s pizza from the canteen and sweets from the corner shop every single day and nothing you can do.

PJFlasks Mon 19-Oct-20 07:47:25

Maybe the child concerned has SEN? My ASD child eats a very restricted diet and his lunchbox would get eyes rolling but he would rather go hungry than eat food that isn't on his "safe" list. My other child gets a healthier lunchbox.

anniversarywoes Mon 19-Oct-20 07:48:29

Pretty standard these days. I see appalling packed lunches on a daily basis.
People seem to have absolutely no concept of what a healthy diet looks like anymore.
Mumsnet is not a great place to discuss this topic, as I'm guessing the vast majority on here wouldn't dream of sending their child to school with such a lunch!

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