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Monday will be the second worst day of my life

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Crunchymum Sat 17-Oct-20 19:33:34

Sorry for the very self indulgent thread, I posted a few weeks back and had a lot of support.

Monday is my mum's funeral.

She died suddenly 4 weeks ago and I still cannot believe that in two days we'll be cremating her.

Not even sure why I'm posting. Maybe I just need a good old fashioned hand hold sad

Not sure how I'll do this.

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golddustwomen Sat 17-Oct-20 19:34:23

thanks for you OP. Can't imagine what you are going through. Sending love and light.

Cherry321 Sat 17-Oct-20 19:35:06

Sorry for your loss. flowers

VictoriaBun Sat 17-Oct-20 19:36:17

You have a hug from me. Losing your mum is heartbreaking .flowers

TildaTurnip Sat 17-Oct-20 19:36:39

It’s so sad and so hard flowers

M1ssour1 Sat 17-Oct-20 19:36:53

It will be ok and will go quickly. It will be comforting to be round others grieving her. You will feel relief when it is all over with.

Thinking of you.

MeanMrMustardSeed Sat 17-Oct-20 19:37:03

Really sorry to hear this OP. Hope Monday goes well. Give yourself time and space and don’t place too many expectations on yourself re timescale. It’ll take as long as it takes to grieve, remember and celebrate your mum.

JoanApple Sat 17-Oct-20 19:37:33

So sorry.. sad

RosieLemonade Sat 17-Oct-20 19:37:43


Lazysundayafternoons Sat 17-Oct-20 19:37:46

Really sorry for you OP flowers

LongHotSummerJustPassedMeBy Sat 17-Oct-20 19:38:33

So sorry OPflowers

Craftycorvid Sat 17-Oct-20 19:38:55

Hand hold for you from me. flowers My DM died suddenly in May this year and it takes time to process the shock.

Hmmph Sat 17-Oct-20 19:39:37

I really feel for you. It’s horrible.

Do what you need to get through it. flowers

Sexnotgender Sat 17-Oct-20 19:39:43

I’m so sorry flowers words are no comfort I know. Thinking of you.

cushioncovers Sat 17-Oct-20 19:41:29

So sorry op

Crunchymum Sat 17-Oct-20 19:42:20


It will be ok and will go quickly. It will be comforting to be round others grieving her. You will feel relief when it is all over with.

Thinking of you.

This is what I need to hear.

Thank you.

Thanks to everyone. I'm then oldest sibling I've sorted most of the service, I've tried to protect my younger brothers and sister as planning a funeral is so shit.

I feel like a toddler I feel like on Monday I'm just going to stand on the spot, stamp my feet and scream "I DON'T WANT TO"

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Dawninglory Sat 17-Oct-20 19:42:43

Feeling your pain OP,
My Dad had a sudden death at 52, my life felt surreal for months, and it took a good few years to digest and realise that I would never see him again. That was 17years ago, time heals but I will never get over the loss and don't try to as its not something you do. You will cry uncontrollably at the funeral, that's ok. Sending a big hug 💐

smallandimperfectlyformed Sat 17-Oct-20 19:42:55

flowers I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that the cremation goes well. I hope that you have someone looking after you xxx

Bluewavescrashing Sat 17-Oct-20 19:42:59

I'm sorry for your loss.

Would you like to tell us more about her?

Mrscaindingle Sat 17-Oct-20 19:43:29

I'm sorry ots a particularly horrible time to be going through this with restricted numbers and no wake.
My mum died in July and my sister was stuck abroad unable to come back.
Hope it all goes as well as could be expected flowers

Mangofandangoo Sat 17-Oct-20 19:45:41

Sending you lots of strength for Monday OP thanks

doctorhamster Sat 17-Oct-20 19:48:18

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Holothane Sat 17-Oct-20 19:48:55

💐💐💐💐💐💐💐hugs lots of them.

LittleEsme Sat 17-Oct-20 19:51:12

Oh God, Crunchymum, sending massive love and prayers to you. Your hurt is palpable. Life is so fucking unfair and cruel.

I'll light a candle for your Mam right now. Sending a gentle handhold for Monday and thereafter thanks

MunchBunchYoghurt Sat 17-Oct-20 19:51:35

I’m very sorry for you.
A day the majority of us dread.
Take care and take each day as it comes.

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