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Is home address essential to add to UK CV?

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noseresearch Fri 09-Oct-20 22:07:30

Hi all,
Just writing up my CV.

I previously had my whole address at the top under my name (including postcode) with contact details but would it be ok to change it to just my general location e.g. top of my CV reads

“(Full Name)”
“(Job title)”
“Manchester, England (open to relocation)”
“(Contact number / email)”

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LouiseTrees Fri 09-Oct-20 22:14:33

I think that would be fine as long as communication about the job eg application has been via email.

Professionallytorn Fri 09-Oct-20 22:15:14

Agree, no need to add address, or even town to a cv nowadays. Nobody is posting a letter in response nowadays. Not sure why you would have job title on there either though ?

PegasusReturns Fri 09-Oct-20 22:20:10

All you need at the top of your CV is your name and email address and/or a phone number.

noseresearch Fri 09-Oct-20 22:21:01

Thanks both

Professionallytorn - I was just following a template where it suggests to put job title at top near contact details. Although good point as not all templates suggest that

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Haffdonga Fri 09-Oct-20 22:21:12

Yes that's fine. smile

Crankley Fri 09-Oct-20 22:21:38

If I received your CV as above I would think it very odd and would wonder what you were trying to hide. My first thought would be to wonder whether you're homeless. What if the recruiter wanted to contact you by mail? I assume they wouldn't bother.

ThatGirl82 Fri 09-Oct-20 22:36:59

@crankley really?! I work in employment support and haven't advised anyone to use their full address on a CV in years. Recruitment all tends to happen through email these days.

My first thought certainly wouldn't be that someone was homeless (and anyway I hope I would give a homeless person a chance if they had the right skills).

Haffdonga Fri 09-Oct-20 22:52:52

It's not advised to put a full address on a CV which is going to be posted online e.g. a job site. It's a lot of personal information to be given out to the world (likewise you wouldn't include date of birth etc)

If it is going just directly to a single employer and you want them to know that you live within an easy commute of the job then go for it.

tectonicplates Fri 09-Oct-20 23:10:16

I just put London and the first half of my postcode. I don't use my full address for online applications through jobs websites as you never really know who's got your details. I only use my full address if I'm applying directly through a company's website if they ask for it on an application form, which is rare.

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