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If you're teetotal, how do you treat yourself at the end of the day?

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TBHno Fri 09-Oct-20 21:39:09

I want to cut down on my drinking. Since lockdown started, I've been drinking 4-5 nights a week. I'm not addicted, it's mostly out of boredom. sad

Anyway, I am determined to get my drinking down to once a week. Any tips?

I treated myself to a Coca Cola tonight, which did work.

Any other ideas? smile

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Holothane Fri 09-Oct-20 21:41:03

I thrive on bitter lemon I love it and have bottles all over the house, I also enjoy Robinson’s creations as well.

UsernameTaken76 Fri 09-Oct-20 21:46:54

I’ve been replacing my wine with a posh hot chocolate or a coke & grenadine.

Have also found some brilliant alcohol free replacements

Sohardtochooseausername Fri 09-Oct-20 21:48:33

When I did one year no beer I got into kombucha. It’s refreshing like a beer is but nicer. I am a wine drinker.

Purpleice Fri 09-Oct-20 21:48:34

A little bit of good chocolate. I have a stash that I do not share! Excellent hot chocolate can be a real treat too. There is a market gap for soft drinks for adults as so may of them are way too sweet.

Sohardtochooseausername Fri 09-Oct-20 21:49:21

Oh and I also like a tonic without gin. Ice and lemon. That’s refreshing too.

LoveEatYoga Fri 09-Oct-20 21:50:01

Chocolate or other sweets treat such as ice lolly

To drink I like some of the Innocent fruit smoothies and occasionally caffeine free fizzy pop

Suckmuckduck Fri 09-Oct-20 21:50:03

I go to bed. It easier not to drink and eat there.

Kenworthington Fri 09-Oct-20 21:50:07

I’m not teetotal by a long way but over the last few years have been less and less bothered by it. My evening go to is a very chocolatey hot chocolate

Awesome2020 Fri 09-Oct-20 21:51:56

Whatever drink you go with, put it in a wine/gin glass. I thought it was the wine I enjoyed but it was just the idea of it.

Laufeythejust Fri 09-Oct-20 21:53:45

I’m not teetotal but rarely drink. My treat at the end of each night is Pepsi max, from a can too so it feels extra decadent grin

Paddybox Fri 09-Oct-20 21:54:21

Junk food and loads of tea and coffee. I'm probably fatter than I would be if I just drank again but just don't really enjoy drinking and over time don't miss it at all.

KetoPenguin Fri 09-Oct-20 21:57:40

I had a mince pie and a nice cup of coffee.

wineandsunshine Fri 09-Oct-20 21:58:23

Cake. Any cake.

LunaNorth Fri 09-Oct-20 21:58:38

Aecorn and tonic
Seedlip and tonic
AF beer
Thatchers 0%

Been teetotal for two months now and these are my go-tos.

Reythemamajedi Fri 09-Oct-20 21:59:49

Chocolate, lots of chocolate.

CamillasHardHat Fri 09-Oct-20 22:00:57

0% alcohol Becks Blue.

What do you usually drink?

PerfidiousAlbion Fri 09-Oct-20 22:01:49

Lime and soda
Alcohol free Peronni & Lime
Twinings Breakfast Tea with Milk
Frozen banana - tastes like ice-cream

wishthiswasreallife Fri 09-Oct-20 22:02:24

I haven't drank for 3 years now,I reward myself at the end of the week with a Chinese on a Friday night rock and roll 😂

If I fancy something other than tea or water I have one can of Diet Coke it works for me but I just don't like alcohol I guess you might need something better if your trying to actively come away from alcohol.

NC4Now Fri 09-Oct-20 22:02:59

I’ve just had an AF kopperburg which was pretty tasty. I’m partial to a ginless tonic too. Or diet lemonade. Anything with lots of ice really - and maybe a bit of fruit.

Bilingualspingual Fri 09-Oct-20 22:03:33

Different low or non alcohol beers/ciders from dry drinker website or ocado. I was always a wine drinker (too much of one!) but I love non alcoholic beers and still not keen on non-alc wines. Thatchers cider like Luna and cans of Bavaria 0 per cent. I gave up completely a year ago and this stuff has got me through.

coronafiona Fri 09-Oct-20 22:05:24

Caffeine free tea and chocolate digestives

Mandalalorianna Fri 09-Oct-20 22:05:37

Tea! I absolutely love tea.

TBHno Fri 09-Oct-20 22:06:44

I'm in the North and working (well, studying) from home. It looks like our lockdown will tighten on Monday, which means I'm in the house all day, and I don't have to be up the next morning...

I usually drink gin and tonic, or fruity ciders

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MillieEpple Fri 09-Oct-20 22:07:38

Herbal tea

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