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Can anyone tell me about an NHS outpatient health care assistant role

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Hello1290 Sat 10-Oct-20 17:41:44

Thanks for some more insight polka.

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Hello1290 Sat 10-Oct-20 17:39:58

No Lilly. I have no experience in the role but was thinking of possibly applying. It's hospital based Band 2. I guess there will be lots of applicants but there are 3 vacancies.

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polkadotpixie Sat 10-Oct-20 17:09:58

I work in outpatients in an admin role. The HCAs basically do the same job as the qualified nurses in our clinic except for dressings and medication. They do obs, bloods, chaperoning etc, not really admin although they will help out if we're struggling on a busy clinic

Lillysnotroses Sat 10-Oct-20 17:06:29

Are you currently at HCA working some where OP?

Following as I do this and I am think of changing to a GP surgery or outpatients.

Hello1290 Sat 10-Oct-20 16:54:35

Thanks Potion that's very helpful info.

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Potionqueen Sat 10-Oct-20 16:14:39

I worked as a staff nurse in OPD. The HCAs would be allocated a clinic. So do BPs, weights, urinalysis etc. Some did bloods and dressings (band 3s).
As a staff nurse I had roughly 6 clinics I was accountable for. The HCAs would call me if they needed me.
There is still manual handling involved, but not as much as on the wards.

Hello1290 Fri 09-Oct-20 21:20:36

Is it more of an admin/patient type of role rather than an inpatient /personal care type of role. I'm keen to hear any experience's anyone has in working in this role as I'm thinking of applying.

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