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Sainsbury's Lego cards- have loads of unopened packs. Anyone want them?

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gerbo Fri 09-Oct-20 16:52:48

My dc are too old to collect. Happy to send to the first person who messages me. Feels wrong to bin them! Will post second class.

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ThreePipeProblems Fri 09-Oct-20 16:55:06

I don’t know how to send a message!

gerbo Fri 09-Oct-20 17:01:50

Ah! Tricky- actually I'm using my phone now but I think you can 'pm' people? Look on a laptop version of the site? I'm planning to later tonight when I have time!!

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justoffshift Fri 09-Oct-20 17:06:36

I have PM'd you!

gerbo Fri 09-Oct-20 17:16:15

Cards have gone. Thanks JustOff.

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gerbo Fri 09-Oct-20 17:19:23

Sorry - ThreePipe send me your address - if I hear from you by Tom (when I'm off to post office) I'll send them to you. Otherwise I'll send them to JustOff.

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SmallYappyTypeDog Fri 09-Oct-20 17:29:27

I dont normally go to sainsburys but have 5 packs from the wine offer wine. Who ever doesnt get Gerbos cards is welcome to mine. Message me your address and I will pop them in the post.

Ashmonster Fri 09-Oct-20 17:56:25

Pass them on to the local Food Bank. I'm sure they'll have loads of grateful children who'd be over the moon to receive them. I've put all of mine into the Food Bank box.

Hiccupiscal Fri 09-Oct-20 18:06:28

Or you can advertise them for free on OLIO or shpock

gerbo Fri 09-Oct-20 19:25:42

Great idea about the food bank, I'll remember that!

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