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Pre-paid credit card

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LemonDrizzles Fri 09-Oct-20 13:32:32

Hi there, sorry I saw a few posts in Nannies but couldn't see anything specifically about this. I am posting to chat as you may have found a pre-paid card that is not used for Nannies.

I am about to hire a nanny and would like to provide a prepaid card as the kitty. I've started looking at pre-paid cards but there are just so many options and none seem to do exactly what I'm looking for. HOping maybe someone out there can recommend a card that:

- Prepaid credit card
- More than one person can receive updates on spend (whether by text, or email, or some other way, like an app)
- Auto top up
- contactless
- preferably visa or mastercard

Does anyone know of a card that can do all of this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

PS - I will also be leaving a cash kitty for those unusual places that only want cash.

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Zoflorabore Fri 09-Oct-20 13:36:59

Hi op we used one for a trip to Spain where everything was being paid for by one relative who used a pre-paid MasterCard.

They did a lot of research on which one
was best and went with The Post Office one but I’m not sure if it has all of the features you need. It’s more a case that it was easy to set up, to use and had good reviews.

bruffin Fri 09-Oct-20 13:45:31

I dont have a prepaid credit card, but i have B credit card where i have a second card that is for my dd (at uni and was away travellling). I have the ap on my phone and get notification when money is spent, although my dd does not have access to an ap. The partner card is not
With B you can specify the spending limit so that its not too high.It is also contactless

H1978 Fri 09-Oct-20 13:56:57

We got dd a card from Starling Bank to use on the bus. Dh tops it up every fortnight. It has an option where you can deactivate the card from an app if it goes missing and it sends you all the details of expenditure

bruffin Fri 09-Oct-20 14:01:23

Also have a look at Monzo

timeforanewstart Fri 09-Oct-20 14:06:16

I have a starling account also that i use for youngest ds I just transfer a small amount in and it sends me details as soon as money is sent
But thats in my name but i have no overdraft etc with it , but i know occasionally some contact places do take a little while to come through , although not had this happen
Plus with pin could also take cash out when needed , may be option
And you open it up all online - no branches , i originally got as don't charge for in eu , but that could change

timeforanewstart Fri 09-Oct-20 14:07:47

Starling is a bank with debit though not cc but could poss work
But would be in your name , depends if you want in name of nannie instead
I have heard monzo is good as well

BumbleNova Fri 09-Oct-20 14:11:05

We use a Monzo card. It's technically in my name but for our nanny to use. She can take out cash. It's a visa debit. I have an app and get notifications. It's worked really well so far.

BarbaraofSeville Fri 09-Oct-20 14:52:41

A lot of banks have introduced 'carer cards' as a response to the need for people doing shopping for other people during covid without wanting to handle cash.

You give the nanny or whoever a card that you can load with a couple of hundred pounds or whatever from your bank account that they can spend as needed.

I'd look at one of these before a prepaid card, which usually has charges to use.

Any card can be auto topped up, by just setting up a standing order for £X per week/month.

Or you could give the nanny a credit card as a second card on your account. They just get a credit card to use for spending (not practical if they need cash though, due to charges) and it is cleared from your account by direct debit every month so no top ups needed.

LemonDrizzles Fri 09-Oct-20 16:17:12

Sorry I guess I need to clarify, when I saw autotop up I mean when it reaches a threshold, it auto tops up

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