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Have you been to a drive in cinema?

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pointyshoes Fri 09-Oct-20 11:41:53

We went to one earlier in the summer. Had a brilliant time. Food/snacks etc ordered via an app, then safely delivered by people riding on electric scooters. All very safe, and all cars distanced. We had kids in the back who could see fine, although obviously a few niggles about accidentally kicking seats etc. I think the novelty of the experience was enough to ensure everyone was looking to enjoy it, rather than moan. I would def recommend it, but maybe only as a one-off as I think the novelty would soon wear off and normal squabbling would be resumed!

hellhavenofury Fri 09-Oct-20 11:07:15

I have and loved it! Although I didn't have anyone in the back seats, the car next to me did and the organisers allowed them to bring camping chairs to sit on next to the car so everyone got a good view. As the cars were spaced out quite far it worked well!

Rae36 Fri 09-Oct-20 10:35:04

I saw an ad for a drive in Christmas panto but with 3 kids in the back seat I'm not sure how much fun it would actually be. Can the people in the back seats actually see anything past the front seats?
Or will it just be 2 hours of my life refereeing arguments about who's kicking the seat and who gets the next 5 minutes in the front seat so they can see better?

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