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Quick question about bechamel sauce

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movingonup20 Thu 08-Oct-20 12:48:57

Of course, doubt you will notice but can flavour with oregano or other dried herbs if you are concerned

formerbabe Thu 08-Oct-20 12:47:27

Oh that's interesting about France...yes I just added nutmeg and always add a little mustard too. Seems fine so far!

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INeedNewShoes Thu 08-Oct-20 12:44:33

Absolutely fine! Used to be very difficult to get hold of fresh milk in France so the original bechamels May well have been made with uht.

Little bit of salt and pepper, grate of nutmeg if you have it and I bet you don’t taste the difference.

formerbabe Thu 08-Oct-20 12:40:48

Oh fab, thank you!

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happyjack12 Thu 08-Oct-20 12:39:22

absolutely fine! I did the same 2 days ago, tastes no different smile

formerbabe Thu 08-Oct-20 12:32:53

Hi all...I'm running low on fresh milk and need to make a bechamel/white sauce...I have a carton of long life milk in the cupboard...will it be ok if I use this to make it or will it taste a bit odd? I don't normally like the taste of long life but wondering if you'd notice it in a sauce?

Thanks in advance!

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