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How to get rid of the smell in plastic boxes

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Twospaniels Thu 08-Oct-20 11:55:09

Just bought some tubs for storing food like rice, cereal and pasta etc. They really smell. I have washed them up and left the lids off but they still smell.
Any tips?

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H1978 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:59:32

Maybe soak them in some washing liquid for a while before washing or put them through a dishwasher cycle, if you have one.

bigarsebelinda Thu 08-Oct-20 12:59:23

Try soaking with a Milton tablet

AlCalavicci Thu 08-Oct-20 14:44:08

Try Bruclen steraliser from Wilkos in the home brew section it's around £2.30 a tub a little goes along way .
I use it for all my plastic boxes , dish cloths , tooth brushes. It's due on any plastic , and glass , don't use it on metal or decorated plates etc .

It need very hot water to desolve the grains and foams up so use a over sized container to mix it in.

tectonicplates Thu 08-Oct-20 15:34:02

If you have a garden or any outside space, put them outside to air if possible. It doesn't help if they're shut in a cupboard.

PaperMonster Thu 08-Oct-20 16:41:26

Sterilising liquid, or leave out in the rain!

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