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Breastfeeding/formula transition - diarrhoea - 3 week old - help!

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Chrissy1291 Thu 08-Oct-20 10:39:40

My baby is 3 weeks old and this morning since 7am (it is now 10.30) has had 3 mushy, yellow, overflowing diarrhoea poops. Besides this he seems well in himself, is still feeding, good colour etc. I’m wondering if this has been caused by me trying to transition to formula from breast milk?
Since 2pm yesterday I have given him expressed breast milk as my boobs were very sore, before this I had done 4/5 feeds of formula. Is it because I’ve gone from one to the other and back again? And does anyone have any advice about how to transition without causing this. My health visitor wasn’t very helpful and didn’t say much about it. Thanks.

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