Do you have an oodie and would you recommend?

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QuentinWinters Wed 07-Oct-20 21:23:57

just wondering about Xmas presents for the kids but they seem quite expensive so I want to see if they are worth it
Fwiw we camp and my kids live in dressing gowns

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Emma10702 Wed 07-Oct-20 21:26:12

I had this dilemma about the cost but all of the reviews are good so I’ve ordered one for me & one for my 10yo daughter. We also do lots of camping trips so I think they will be really useful. Not due until mid December but I’m looking forwarded to getting them.

RiseUpWiseUpEyesUp Wed 07-Oct-20 21:26:51

100% yes, I have a cat one and it’s genuinely the best thing I ever bought, I’m getting a second one soon!

QuentinWinters Wed 07-Oct-20 21:29:13

Excellent!! Thank you xx

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RiseUpWiseUpEyesUp Wed 07-Oct-20 21:33:07

@QuentinWinters no problem! Side note, that are beautifully made and so soft and snuggly, they feel like wearing a big hug. Very much worth the money imo. I find it more comfortable than a dressing gown. In the summer I missed wearing it so much that I wore it with the fan on 😂

LindaFromMCC Wed 07-Oct-20 21:33:27

What's the sizing like on them? The ones I've seen are all one size 'fits most' but not sure how that works in practice. I'm small and often get kids' sizes in things, so don't want to shell out £££ and just be swamped in it.

RiseUpWiseUpEyesUp Wed 07-Oct-20 21:42:32

They are big, but they are supposed to big. I am a size 16 and can sit with my knees up inside it, but I don’t find it awkward or uncomfy because it’s not too long (5”6 and it’s just above my knees) and it has cuffed sleeves so it’s not getting in your way. Children wear them as well, but it really depends on if you like baggy or not


OhioOhioOhio Wed 07-Oct-20 21:46:32

They do look amazing.

orchidsonabudget Wed 07-Oct-20 21:49:49

What is an oodie

HalloweenIsGothChristmas Wed 07-Oct-20 21:53:12

My 13 yo has one. She loves it. It is very wide and comes down to her knees. Good quality, washes well but nearly takes up the entire washing machine!

I think I would find the volume annoying!

SoddingWeddings Wed 07-Oct-20 21:53:52

I've been dithering, and now the preorder dates are yonks away 😭

JoeCalFuckingZaghe Wed 07-Oct-20 21:54:14

I don’t have one but a friend does absolutely loves it. I couldn’t justify the cost atm but I did sign up to the website and I got a £25 off code on a single purchase.

RiseUpWiseUpEyesUp Wed 07-Oct-20 21:59:36


What is an oodie

@orchidsonabudget the most comfortable hoodie/blanket ever grin it’s a giant hoodie lined with teddy bear fleece basically

LeoTimmyandVi Wed 07-Oct-20 22:11:47

I bought one for my 15 yr old dd which arrived this week. Lovely quality, roomy and quite the fashion accesdory according to her. I have one ordered now due start of Dec. Go for it!

BitOfFun Wed 07-Oct-20 22:17:34

<shakes fist and traipses to the What Has Mumsnet Made You Buy thread>


BitOfFun Wed 07-Oct-20 22:19:47

I bought one each for my adult daughter and her boyfriend, who've not long moved in together and can't afford big heating bills! I think they will love them. Great Christmas idea.

Haggisfish Wed 07-Oct-20 22:21:15

They are huge and the softest material ever. Dd loves hers and I predict it will last her until uni finishes at least (she’s ten!).

TartanDMs Wed 07-Oct-20 22:23:48

my sister has one and took it when she went camping recently, she was lovely and warm!

Littlegoth Wed 07-Oct-20 22:30:53

I’ve not got an oodie but I have a woollen honcho blanket, which is quite similar. It always comes camping!

Insaneinthemembury Wed 07-Oct-20 22:33:27

I just don't get it. The patterns look awful on the ones I've seen and they probably cost £5-10 to make in China. The price is outrageous.
I'm clearly in the minority as people rave about them.
I'd just use a blanket! I feel like I'm the odd one out though.

TerribleCustomerCervix Wed 07-Oct-20 22:36:34

I got one for a constantly-freezing friend’s birthday this year.

I text her a few days afterwards asking how she was getting on and she sent me back a selfie of her on the sofa wearing it with her knees up inside it saying that she’d barely taken it off. I got the corgi print which was a particular plus point!

Just don’t pay full price- I think I got 20% off using a code which was the only reason I went for it.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Wed 07-Oct-20 22:46:18

I’ve ordered us all one (me, DH, DD9 and DD5) for Christmas. Figured as we’re both working from home it might reduce heating bills, plus I want a photo of us all looking ridiculous in them on Christmas Day grin

Yorkshiremummyof1 Wed 07-Oct-20 22:49:25

I’ve bought two in pizza style so I don’t have to wait for delivery. Expensive but I hate having the heating on

Groundhogdayzz Wed 07-Oct-20 22:49:44

They look amazing! Has anyone brought the cheaper versions? I know my kids would love them for Christmas (always in onesies and blankets at weekends) but they are so expensive I don’t know if I can justify cost of them at the moment. There are similar cheaper brands, but are they noticeably different?

TerribleCustomerCervix Wed 07-Oct-20 22:52:24


I’ve ordered us all one (me, DH, DD9 and DD5) for Christmas. Figured as we’re both working from home it might reduce heating bills, plus I want a photo of us all looking ridiculous in them on Christmas Day grin

I will warn you- they are MASSIVE. My average sized friend can fit herself and her DP inside hers grin

Your dd5 is going to look like a fluffy ghost

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