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TV in a room without sky or aerial socket (noddy tech question!)

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HollyBollyBooBoo Wed 07-Oct-20 20:00:58

How do we watch TV in a room where we don't have a satellite or aerial socket?

Tried researching it and I think if we buy an internet ready tv we can watch iPlayer, You Tube, any catch up tv.

What about an Amazon fire stick though, do I need this?

If I got a Netflix subscription can I watch that through internet on the tv?

So confused, all advice welcome! Thanks.

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AdditionalCharacter Wed 07-Oct-20 20:02:33

You can buy a smart tv and there will be no need for a fire stick or now tv box as you can download them straight on to the tv, as long as you have WiFi

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 07-Oct-20 20:03:08

We use a Roku stick for this. It's not used very often though but it's fine.

Pinkfluffyunicornsdancing Wed 07-Oct-20 20:04:42

It you already have a firestick you dont need an internet ready TV. But if you don't then and internet ready TV is fine. Yes you can watch Netflix on either.

ShalomToYouJackie Wed 07-Oct-20 20:08:05

I have a Bush smart TV that has Netflix, Prime Video, iPlayer, 4od, ITV, YouTube and Freeview Play all built in to it. The remote even has Netflix and Prime buttons!

I think most Smart TVs have all these installed

ShalomToYouJackie Wed 07-Oct-20 20:10:01

safariboot Wed 07-Oct-20 20:15:23

Indoor aerial for Freeview, though you might not get a usable signal on all channels, the main five are usually ok though.

Smart TV or stick or box for internet stuff. Chromecast is controlled from your phone, Fire TV and Now TV have their own remotes. Nowadays nearly all new TVs are "smart" but if you have an older one it might not get apps updated, that's when a stick or box is useful.

DonegalGhirl Wed 07-Oct-20 20:45:21

We have an old TV in our snug with no TV aerial and watch main channels live as well as catch up, Netflix and Amazon Prime via the Fire stick. It’s great.

HollyBollyBooBoo Thu 08-Oct-20 08:20:15

Brill, thanks all, that makes more sense now!

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