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Can anyone help? Dad in hospital

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BroomHandledMouser Wed 07-Oct-20 16:59:22

Dad got taken into hospital by ambulance early this morning. I got a call from my younger brother who said he was in an incredible amount of pain in his abdomen, he was apparently screaming. So he called an ambulance.

After ringing round the hospital I found him and managed to talk to him briefly.

Can anyone help with what these things mean please? Dad has said the following:

He’s been given antibiotics, although they don’t know where the infection is but his markers were high? What does this mean? How can they say it’s an infection but they don’t know what infection?

He’s had a scan, but he’s also allowed home. He’s not had the results yet so does that mean it’s not urgent? What happens if it happens again? It was so scary for my brother.

He kept pointing to his gallbladder according to the doctor, do you think it could be a case of a gallbladder attack?

Sorry - I know I’m pissing in the wind here but I need someone to talk to x

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TheQueef Wed 07-Oct-20 17:01:50

Ah shit.
Is brother there or anyone with him?
How old is Dad?

BroomHandledMouser Wed 07-Oct-20 17:02:52

He’s 66 - they wouldn’t let my brother go with him in the ambulance

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TheQueef Wed 07-Oct-20 17:04:11

He's young then, any existing issues or fit and healthy?

BroomHandledMouser Wed 07-Oct-20 17:05:57

He’s not fit and healthy by any means unfortunately. He isn’t particularly mobile either.

He spends his days inside with the curtains drawn but that’s a whole other thread! confused

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Yecartmannew Wed 07-Oct-20 17:06:07

It could be a gallbladder issue, the attacks are excruciating.

His white blood cell count can indicate an infection but not exactly where so broad spectrum antibiotics should work.

TheQueef Wed 07-Oct-20 17:09:13

Are you allowed to call the assessment unit or ward or is it bro?
It would be reassuring to hear from someone what's been done.
(No health advice just a bump)

frustrationcentral Wed 07-Oct-20 17:15:08

His markers being high could mean he has a high CRP level - means his body is fighting an infection. It's found through a blood test

trappedsincesundaymorn Wed 07-Oct-20 17:21:43

Call the ward and ask them to explain.

BroomHandledMouser Wed 07-Oct-20 21:50:58

I’ve called the ward - they can’t give information over the phone according to the ward clark.

He’s home now, I picked him up around 6. He looks awful, they’ve said he has an infection somewhere but they’re not sure where. He’s been given some antibiotics and sent on his way. We hadn’t even got out of the hospital grounds and he’s shouting and screaming in pain again - I go to turn around to take him back in and he demands I just take him home. All the way home he’s crying - I never want to hear or see that again.
By the time we get to his I’m a wreck, he’s a wreck. It takes me and my younger brother to get him out the car and into the kitchen where he spends the next 40 mins in agony.
I very nearly called the ambulance out again. He calmed down eventually and I left around 7:30. I told my brother to call an ambulance and not to hesitate. He’s booked in for an ultrasound in 2 months - 2 fucking months?! He looks so old and frail - he hasn’t eaten since Sunday. He doesn’t look like my dad anymore 😢

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