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Help! I need to buy a laptop and haven't bought one since 2008!

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JanewaysBun Wed 07-Oct-20 15:19:32

My little 12 year old laptop isn't compatible with my work systems and I want to work out what I want in case I want/need to WFH.

I will replace my old laptop so I would like something that is good vs the cheapest one to do the job. But equally I don't want to spend over 500 quid as Word etc will be purchased on top.

What do I need to consider?
I know I need one with a big ish screen (1r inch plus as I usually have 2 screens at work) and want a DVD drive but not sure what else i should look for. I'm not gaming just surfing/using word/watching DVDS and mainly YouTube (so I could use it whilst cooking)

I remember ram being a thing back in the day? What processor do I need for it to run well?
I guess lenovo/dell/hp would be a good brand?

Thank you!

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sarahb083 Wed 07-Oct-20 15:58:51

Hi OP,

What screen size do you want? (your post says 1r inch)
Most laptops now won't have DVD drives - is that a must have for you?
Do you mind how heavy it is?

I'm happy to recommend some options.

Unless you are sure you need Word for work, I wouldn't recommend it - Google Docs is free and much easier to use. You can also save Google Docs files in Word format.

MissConductUS Wed 07-Oct-20 16:13:58

There are loads of laptop reviews online

I've always had Dells at home and HP's at work and both have been very reliable. As sarah mentioned laptops no longer come with built-in DVD drives. If you really need one you can get an external one that connects via USB. I have a Toshiba external DVD drive that I haven't actually needed in years, but when I did it worked fine and was surprisingly cheap.

Have fun shopping. smile

JanewaysBun Wed 07-Oct-20 16:43:07

Thank you both!

I was thinking 14 inch or so. I have 2 x large screens at work so need to have at least 2 docs open at once.

I need word I think as that's what some of my work things open with annoyingly!

Ah 're DVD drives I could always buy the extra thing, I was thinking I could use it in the kitchen to watch my DVD whilst I'm cooking so not like I'll need it on the go.

Weight - I suppose light is good incase i need to carry it places although I don't really need to atm.

I have a Dell atm and it has lasted me 12 years so would defo buy again. My first ever (and only!) Computer!

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BashfulClam Wed 07-Oct-20 16:59:20

If you need to work at biome your employer should be supplying a laptop and screen(s) both my husband and I have work provided equipment.

JanewaysBun Wed 07-Oct-20 18:05:06

I'm actually rather irritated about this @BashfulClam as my DH work also sent him the whole dual screen shebang and u agree they should loan me something to use.

I've been told that it's basically they wont and I need to buy one if I can't come into the office. Which I think is rubbish as the company is normally really really good at looking after us. Also extra annoying as I'm not sure I even want to stay long term as am deciding whether to be a sahm (i work v part time so not even covering nursery/Even when they're at school won't make a difference to our lives) so I don't even make a profit after paying childcare when I work anyway! ( know it's half DH's cost but even then I only make a tiny amount)

Rant over.

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JanewaysBun Wed 07-Oct-20 18:06:21

So anyone in my position who is a LP is basicslly screwed, so I'm whining about my own issue but actually think it's rather terrible for people who can't just buy new tech.

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MissConductUS Wed 07-Oct-20 18:16:10

The 12 year old Dell you have now is more or less a paperweight and would have to be replaced regardless, unless you'd have no use for it as a SAHM.

I love your handle, by the way. grin

JanewaysBun Wed 07-Oct-20 18:22:20

Haha thanks! An iconic hair dogrin

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AlCalavicci Wed 07-Oct-20 19:06:17

Watching with interest as I have a 7 yr old HP notebook that is giving me grief with it's display .

PH03b3 Wed 07-Oct-20 19:33:29

Also watching I have a 5yr old Asus which cost £200 and I badly need an upgrade it has 2 thingys when I am seeing them with 8 now (think it's ram?)

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