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Sofa Bed vs Jay-Be Folding guest bed

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EarPhones Wed 07-Oct-20 13:17:25

Would you please help me with the dilemma to buy a sofa bed or buy a separate Jay-Be style folding guest bed? Storage space is not an issue. I'm going to buy a sofa anyways but limits the style of the sofa and was wondering if things/mechanism has improved in the last few years in folding guest bed vs sofa beds? Which would you prefer?

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Purplesquirrel1986 Wed 07-Oct-20 16:23:23

I've got a jay be "value" 4ft wide folding bed. It lives at the back of a wardrobe, it's really thin, and guests say it's comfy. Really light for one person to carry down to the living room too. I bought it because my old sofa was far too nice to change when I moved, with the idea of replacing with a sofa bed, but 7 years on it's still fine, and so is my sofa.

EarPhones Sat 10-Oct-20 02:24:18

Thank you! Will get a separate folding bed in that case.

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