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Local MP is advertising mugs with his face on

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CochonDinde Wed 07-Oct-20 07:25:49


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KatherineJaneway Wed 07-Oct-20 07:11:17

Could be worse, could be a face mask grin

CochonDinde Wed 07-Oct-20 07:10:32


This needs added to that list!

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nosswith Wed 07-Oct-20 07:07:18

Are there laws still about selling indecent material?

CochonDinde Wed 07-Oct-20 07:03:51

My arrogant ex-UKIP, party-hopping, Trump-loving, Markle-hating MP is advertising mugs with his face on.

Just that really. WTAF confused

Worst of all, his superfans will probably order by the dozen hmm

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