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Pretty sure I saw this house in a TV drama...

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mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:10:05

Does anyone else recognise it? I think it was a bit of a thriller or mystery type. Like Dr Foster, but not that. It’s really annoying me!

Hill Road North, Helsby, Frodsham

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mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:10:34

It’s the kitchen and outside in particular I recognise

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PrincessMaryaBolkonskaya Tue 06-Oct-20 22:11:44

Was it in Killing Eve?

countdowntonap Tue 06-Oct-20 22:12:29

End of the Fucking World?

WingBingo Tue 06-Oct-20 22:12:38

Oh gosh yes! I’m just trying to think. It’s the kitchen isn’t it?

OLittleTownofBethlehem Tue 06-Oct-20 22:13:09

It looks like the house from Inside No. 9 A Quiet Night In.

chillied Tue 06-Oct-20 22:13:30

Sherlock? or James Bond?

Pieceofpurplesky Tue 06-Oct-20 22:13:52

Justin Beiber stayed there when he played Manchester.
Disclaimer I am not a fan, I just live down the road.

mahrezzy Tue 06-Oct-20 22:14:19

Black Mirror episode?

Atalune Tue 06-Oct-20 22:14:29

It was the end of killing eve I am sure the first or send series.

mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:14:54

@PrincessMaryaBolkonskaya ooh maybe. I haven’t seen series 3, so it would need to be in the first two

@countdowntonap I haven’t seen end of the F world. But I have seen Safe. So maybe!

Just need to place it in them....

@WingBingo glad it’s not just me!!

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OLittleTownofBethlehem Tue 06-Oct-20 22:14:58

I’ve just checked and it’s not quite right though.

Xiaoxiong Tue 06-Oct-20 22:14:59

I think the final episode of Sherlock?

nancy75 Tue 06-Oct-20 22:15:54

Yes there’s a house like this in a Sherlock episode (the outside rather than the inside)

Greyat37 Tue 06-Oct-20 22:16:24

Deffo Sherlock. There was a helicopter involved im sure.

LividLaughLovely Tue 06-Oct-20 22:16:55

Sherlock, with the other guy with the mind palace...

mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:17:24

@chillied @OLittleTownofBethlehem I haven’t seen those...

@mahrezzy possibly. I have seen some of them

@Pieceofpurplesky hello! I’m just down the road. Being nosy in the area. Was it Mario Ballotelli’s house? But I thought he sold it a while ago?

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BoneAppleTeaa Tue 06-Oct-20 22:17:47

It’s come up in here before, Christmas episode of Silent Witness.

SimonJT Tue 06-Oct-20 22:18:08

It does look a bit familiar.

I only noticed recently that Ciara Porters flat in Strike is one of the flats in my building .

mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:18:27

I haven’t seen a Sherlock. I’m feeling it’s Killing Eve. I just want to place it! But can’t.

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mnahmnah Tue 06-Oct-20 22:19:15

@BoneAppleTeaa I’ve never seen Silent Witness. I wonder if it’s one of those houses that’s been used for a few things?

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Disfordarkchocolate Tue 06-Oct-20 22:19:46

I think Shelock too, did he kill someone there?

LividLaughLovely Tue 06-Oct-20 22:19:51

Ugh, I’ve just checked IMDB and the mind palace man house was in Gloucestershire...

LeSquigh Tue 06-Oct-20 22:21:22

I’m sure it was in Black Mirror too.

Pieceofpurplesky Tue 06-Oct-20 22:21:32

@mnahmnah Hello back. there were rumours - but it's was/is owned by Steve O Connor (Widnes Vikings owner.

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