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Winter coat for larger lady

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thecuriousfox Tue 06-Oct-20 16:08:41

Now that it's getting a bit colder outside, I need to buy a new winter coat. I'm a size 24 top and am finding it really hard to find one that fits. A few years ago I bought a mans coat as I couldn't find a nice one to fit, and I don't want to do this again. It looked terrible on me and made me look even larger. I know I need to lose weight. And I am trying. But it's not going to happen before I need a coat. Does anyone have any advice on where I could find one? blush

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FrogFairy Tue 06-Oct-20 16:43:39

Sea salt go up to size 28.

Not got one myself but my mum has several and loves them.

Houseplanted Tue 06-Oct-20 16:47:30

Zhx3 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:48:24

Probably not useful, but I volunteer at a charity shop and we have some lovely size 20+ clothes donated, including winter coats. If you're in the Cheshire area, let me know and I'll point you towards the shop i work in.

GwenCooper81 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:49:02

Asda do up to a 24. My current winter coat is from there, it's like a big thick blanket ❤️

Dogsaresomucheasier Tue 06-Oct-20 16:52:02

Yours Clothing

AnotherEmma Tue 06-Oct-20 17:01:11

Seasalt have lots of lovely coats that go up to size 28

thecuriousfox Tue 06-Oct-20 17:41:00

Thanks everybody for the recommendations! I will check them all out tonight!

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NeverPromisedYouARoseGarden Tue 06-Oct-20 17:45:51

Another vote for Seasalt. I have one in a smaller size and recommended the brand to someone who wears a 24 and was after a decent raincoat and they are very pleased with it. I have the Janelle coat, which is warm and waterproof.

JuiceyBetty Tue 06-Oct-20 21:11:22

I got a really nice size 24 from Sainsbury’s. I know it’s hard work. ASOS have some nice ones too.

YenniferOfVengeberg Tue 06-Oct-20 21:13:29

Landsend- tend to be a bit tighter around the bum so don't get if you carry most of your weight here (as I do!)

Mrsi2020 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:14:46

I second Asda as the fit is good too like not small sizing! Sea salt is lush but so pricey so it’s budget dependent! Also check out next clearance xx

AliBingo Wed 07-Oct-20 00:04:02

Next and M&S do quite a few styles up to a 26.

GrumpyHoonMain Wed 07-Oct-20 00:06:49

If you’re desperate you could buy a really big man’s coat and get it tailored and recut to fit you and look feminine. You would be almost paying twice for it but it’s worth it if you struggle to find anything else.

BritInAus Wed 07-Oct-20 01:14:25

ASOS Curve?

Wincarnis Wed 07-Oct-20 05:10:45


icelollycraving Wed 07-Oct-20 05:36:45

Sainsburys/ M&S are my go to for decent coats. Also had Boden (I’m a 20-22) for a smart coat. Junorose also go up to your size I think.

LadyB49 Wed 07-Oct-20 06:04:38

Have you tried TK Maxx Plus. Two years ago I got a lovely Jaeger long coat. Charcoal colour, Fine wool and cashmere, single breasted with lapels and pockets. It is classic style and will never date, instantly making me look smart even with jeans Best of all it was only £39.

Yes I know TO Maxx can be hit or miss but always worth a look

NeverPromisedYouARoseGarden Wed 07-Oct-20 09:41:38

You could also try Ebay for Seasalt. I bought both mine that way. Still not cheap but almost new for £70-ish rather than £150. You do have to be careful - some are very old (ask for a pic of the label as it usually has the year on it) and also check whether/how often it has been washed. Some have been washed excessively without ever being waterproofed. Better to buy one that's never been laundered and wash it yourself with reproofing wash eg Nikwax Tech Wash. There is currently a brand-new size 24 Plant Hunter coat on Ebay for £120. You might have to do a bit of research regarding sizing though. I'm a 12 but size up as I prefer a loose-fitting coat and also to fit a bulky jumper underneath, but looking at some of their reviews, other people find the coats too big and have to size down.

Mylittlesandwich Wed 07-Oct-20 09:51:10

My coat which I bought last year was from Dorothy Perkins plus range. I love it.

thecuriousfox Wed 07-Oct-20 20:52:07

So many brilliant suggestions. Have seen some lovely ones on ASOS. Will look at the other suggestions on insight. Thank you! smile

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