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Maternity leave, pay cuts, redundancies, sahm - clueless

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MrsCremuel Tue 06-Oct-20 13:49:39

Hello all,

Bear with whilst I feel sorry for myself and vent! Been on mat leave and extended it with a sabbatical. During which time my employer has restructured our department. I've got to reapply for my job, and if successful take a 4k pay cut. With travel and childcare, not even sure it would be worth going back financially on the new salary. But I wanted to go back as I like the organisation and want to keep some semblance of a career going. Also, getting a new job when you've been off work for 19 months at the beginning of a financial crisis...not easy I reckon.

Now wondering if I should just be a sahm but can't really see myself doing that.

No easy choices. Makes no financial sense for DH to do childcare, we could afford me being a sahm so I know we are very fortunate.

Just have no confidence, feel like I am disappearing, scared of the whole process. Want to do what is best for my family but don't want to fade away.

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