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A few hours (or even a whole day) free. What would you do?

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SillyFilly Mon 05-Oct-20 17:50:17

Apart from the part time hours I work during the week when DD is in nursery, I have never been away from her since she was born over 2 years ago 🙈 and never take any time for myself. DH is taking a day off work and is looking after DD so I can have a bit of me time. The trouble is I have no idea what to do with the free time! I don't have any hobbies. I'm just wife and mum. Give me some inspiration! What would you do (or do you do) with some much needed time off?

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User56770987 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:04:25

Here's what I'd do.
Go for a run
Go and meet a friend for lunch.
Browse a few shops for clothes for myself
Read a book in a coffee shop
Browse in the library or bookshop
Go for a walk somewhere not very child friendly.
Get a cut and colour at the hairdressers.
Do something productive like trip to charity shop to declutter , give blood or anything that you need to do that's tricky with kids.

Kittykatmacbill Mon 05-Oct-20 21:52:02

I had a day off when my kids were at school today! I went for a haircut, coffee and a bun, mooch round the shops and wee run. It was so good!

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