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If you’ve flown recently, how was disembarking managed?

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Dominicgoings Mon 05-Oct-20 16:31:49

I have a short, unavoidable flight later this week.
Am normally a fairly nervous flier with the worst part being when everyone stands up the second the engines are stopped.
The thought of being wedged in in the current covid climate is making me nervous.
Am assuming they are making people stay seated and then disembarking row by row? Anybody able to reassure me?

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greensnail Mon 05-Oct-20 16:35:54

I flew with easyjet. They got everyone to disembark row by row, from the front working towards the back. It worked very well on my outward flight but on the flight home people needed to be told to sit back down several times as they didn't seem to be getting it. In normal times I usually would stay seated until after the rush has passed anyway, so if it's not being well managed you could just stay seated until it's clear.

Frenchcroissant Mon 05-Oct-20 16:37:23

I flew in the summer from Spain and disembarking was done row by row. Less stressful and quicker than before Covid.

Bwlch Mon 05-Oct-20 16:37:35

Same as usual. As soon as the wheels touched the tarmac, everybody stood up and started emptying the overhead lockers, then stood cheek by jowl for 20 minutes while they sorted the doors and steps out.

ComtesseDeSpair Mon 05-Oct-20 16:45:19

Have taken several flights with British Airways in the past couple of months. Each time, as lane was landing, head steward announced over tannoy that disembarking would be row by row and to await instructions of stewards. Nobody disobeyed and stewards were monitoring.

thetigerthatcamefortea Mon 05-Oct-20 16:55:58

Jet 2 were also strictly a row at a time when we flew in September

Bwlch Mon 05-Oct-20 17:07:42

I flew with Jet2. Admittedly, it was from a very low covid risk country.

AtLeastThreeDrinks Mon 05-Oct-20 17:34:39

BA a couple of weeks back, they did five rows at a time. Masks on at all times unless you're eating/drinking. Wait for the green toilet light to show before you stand up so there's no queue at the back for the loo. Our plane wasn't full – some people had rows to themselves. I suppose it depends on the route.

nosswith Mon 05-Oct-20 17:35:19

Staying seated until your row was called. As the OP describes. This was a scheduled airline.

BIWI Mon 05-Oct-20 17:39:38

Flew with EasyJet a couple of weeks ago, and it was row by row. Everyone complied. I wish they always disembarked planes like this!

DazedandConcerned Mon 05-Oct-20 17:43:03

Flew TUI in July (so may have changed) but it was a free for all on landing.

RayCarling Mon 05-Oct-20 17:46:52

With BA, rows 1-9, 10-19 and so on. Nobody allowed out of their seat until their row was called. It worked very well. They should stick to it.

Dominicgoings Mon 05-Oct-20 20:57:16

Am so hoping the row by row is standard now! Thank you all.

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