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Do kids have pen pals these day?

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ReeseWitherknife Mon 05-Oct-20 15:59:58

I was telling 12 year old dd about the pen pals I had as a kid.
She said she would love some pen pals but I said I don’t think such a thing exists anymore?
Does anyone know if there are pen pal organisations/online groups for kids?

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Stompythedinosaur Mon 05-Oct-20 16:55:36

Following as I would like to know this too. I loved having a penpal and I think dd1 would too.

MamaBearThius Mon 05-Oct-20 16:58:21

Following too! Maybe we could start a Mumsnet one? Maybe with an email address rather than home addresses for safety?
I have a bright and curious 4 year old DD who is missing other children (no school as shielding with a new baby)

BF2748 Tue 06-Oct-20 02:04:05

I had seen the other day a link for children to become pen pals with pensioners in care homes. I agree it seems to be not around so much now which is a shame. Will see if I can find the link!

AldiAisleofCrap Tue 06-Oct-20 02:07:17

I know a pe pal group but it’s for HE kids only.

AldiAisleofCrap Tue 06-Oct-20 02:07:26

Pen pal.

samosamimosa Tue 06-Oct-20 03:10:39

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