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Ideas for 'tricks' for children's Halloween party

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snowgirl1 Mon 05-Oct-20 15:01:59

As trick or treating is pretty unlikely this year, I've said that DD (8) can have 4 friends from her bubble at school for a Halloween party. I'm planning on doing the usual party games with a Halloween twist - e.g. zombie musical statues; pass the pumpkin with a mix of tricks and treats. Does anyone have any suggestions for 'tricks' that would be suitable for some 8 year olds (that won't scar them for life grin )

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Coldhandscoldheart Mon 05-Oct-20 15:12:34

Covered bowls to retrieve things from. One of grapes in custard, one of cold tinned spaghetti, one of jelly. Um. Something else.
They have to get the thing (some kind of token to trade?) out of the bowl (of eyeballs, intestines, blood)

letsgomaths Mon 05-Oct-20 15:20:37

One of the classic ones is Nelson's Eye, and it's very fitting for a "trick". In turn, each child is blindfolded, and taken into the kitchen. Get them to feel Nelson's hat, coat, and any other maritime props you may have. (Wet sponges are good for the feel of seaweed.)

Finally, they have to feel Nelson's eye: get them to point their finger, and to poke it into the centre of a cucumber (jelly works for this as well). Ewwwww! thlgrin Quickly remove the blindfold so they see what it really was, and those who were tricked get to see the reaction of the next victim.

This was on a 10-year-old thread, which has other suggestions:

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