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Newnamenewopenme Sun 04-Oct-20 21:08:50

I’m skint but want to treat myself! What can I get as a little treat that’s less than £10 - I don’t want something edible because I have just done a big shop so have plenty in that sense!

Any ideas?

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NancyBotwinBloom Sun 04-Oct-20 21:16:49

What do you like?

For me it's a book.

Boohoo have a good sale on.

StylishMummy Sun 04-Oct-20 21:21:18

Nice book and a big bar of Tony's Chocoloney & mini bottle of merlot

Newnamenewopenme Tue 06-Oct-20 19:36:38

I decided on a book! I’m going to read the catch! Let’s hope it’s a good one 🤞🏻

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NancyBotwinBloom Tue 06-Oct-20 20:08:04

What book did you buy op

smileannie Tue 06-Oct-20 20:34:35

Downloaded this to my kindle on Sunday. I haven’t started it yet but am looking forward to it - great reviews.
Fabulous idea for a treat.

Newnamenewopenme Tue 06-Oct-20 22:09:05

@NancyBotwinBloom the catch!

If you are looking for a good book though I’ve read the flat share and the switch recently and really enjoyed both.

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NancyBotwinBloom Thu 08-Oct-20 12:51:01

Will give them a go

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